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G Suite and Adobe team up to keep creative professionals in sync

March 6, 2020
Jon Harmer

Product Manager, Google Workspace

Share links to creative assets with external teams and stakeholders, and save attachments to their Creative Cloud library, directly from Gmail.

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Adobe Creative Cloud is one of the most popular products for marketing and creative teams around the world, and is one of the most requested third-party integrations we’ve seen from G Suite admins. So we’re excited to announce a new integration from Adobe, which brings Creative Cloud workflows into Gmail, now available in the G Suite Marketplace

“While new collaboration channels are all the rage, business email is actually on the rise with individuals sending and receiving more emails every day. Bringing Creative Cloud into G Suite enables our mutual user base to simplify routine tasks while staying productive in their inbox,” says Sid Arora, Product Manager, Adobe Creative Cloud.

This news builds on last year’s  announcement of a new integration framework called G Suite Add-ons, which makes it possible to securely integrate third-party applications into G Suite. We recently made G Suite Add-ons generally available so that users can work in their preferred applications, without having to leave G Suite. More than a billion users and 5 million paying businesses look to G Suite to improve productivity and collaboration, so you can imagine how many different workflows and customizations emerge. Expanding the ability for users to customize and extend G Suite is crucial to delivering real work transformation.

How the Creative Cloud for Gmail Add-on works

The Creative Cloud for Gmail add-on enables teams to share links to creative assets with external teams and stakeholders, and save attachments to their Creative Cloud library, directly from Gmail. 

Share links to Creative Cloud files from Gmail
The Adobe Creative Cloud for Gmail add-on lets you easily share files or assets created in applications including Adobe XD, Photoshop, and Illustrator. After installation from the G Suite Marketplace, the add-on is available from the compose window in Gmail (just look for the Creative Cloud icon at the bottom of the message). Clicking it launches the add-on’s file browser, where you can search and find assets to insert into your message as thumbnails that dynamically link to your Creative Cloud files.


The add-on supports sharing public links to your Creative Cloud synced files, Libraries, and Mobile Creations. Private links are not supported in this version, so if you've already shared some Creative Cloud assets privately, you'll be prompted to set the privacy settings to “public” for those assets.

Save files directly to Creative Cloud from Gmail
To save a file attachment from Gmail into Creative Cloud, simply click on the Creative Cloud logo from the Gmail side panel, select the files that you want to save to Creative Cloud, navigate to where you want the files saved from the side panel and hit save. NOTE: the maximum file size currently supported is 100MB.


We’re excited to bring core Creative Cloud user journeys into Gmail. Stay tuned for even more announcements from Adobe and G Suite in 2020.

Editor's note: The original post incorrectly stated that the Creative Cloud for Gmail Add-on supports Lightroom. The reference to Lightroom has been removed from this post.

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