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Transforming employee onboarding with BetterCloud and Google Workspace

June 1, 2023
Dylan Hoeffler

Senior Director of Product Marketing, BetterCloud

Abhijeet Rajwade

Sr. Customer Engineer, Infrastructure, Google Cloud

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Employee onboarding is one of the most common — and crucial — processes that IT teams are responsible for. It can also be time consuming, manual, and frustrating for IT and end users alike. Some common onboarding pain points include:

  • New employees can be left waiting days, or even weeks, for access to the apps they need. In fact, research from BetterCloud found that 86% of new hires lacked access to the necessary tools to do their jobs on Day 1.

  • New hires file redundant information through multiple forms, creating an inefficient onboarding experience; or find it difficult to add information in non-automated, non-sequential documents.

  • Business units have little to no visibility into the onboarding statuses for their new employees.

  • IT has insufficient notice or time to prepare for new hire onboarding.

In the diagram below, you’ll see the typical process that IT uses for provisioning users. HR notifies IT of a new hire via email or ticket. From there, IT reviews vital information about the new employee and uses it to manually grant appropriate levels of access to all the relevant SaaS applications. Though these tasks aren’t difficult, they are tedious and numerous — and it often leaves new hires waiting for access. 

The manual and complex onboarding workflow that many employees experience.

Instantly onboard new employees with zero-touch automation

Zero-touch onboarding is a dream for many IT teams. Imagine a world where a new employee logs into their systems with a single account, which grants access to everything they need instantly. Imagine they have immediate access to the necessary Google Drive files, Calendars, and Groups — on Day 1 and without IT intervention. This has become even more critical in an increasingly remote-first world.

With BetterCloud’s Manage+ product, IT admins can make that dream a reality by building zero-touch onboarding workflows. These workflows empower business units like HR or recruitment to initiate workflows with minimal IT involvement. Automated workflows reduce (or eliminate) the number of manual IT touchpoints, reducing cost while also freeing up IT for higher value projects.

The diagram below shows how to achieve zero-touch employee onboarding with Google Workspace using BetterCloud’s Manage+ automated workflows.

Automated workflows with zero-touch onboarding for employees.

As you can see, the only manual activity comes from a department outside of IT — in this case, HR. The BetterCloud automated workflow is listening for a response from a Human Resources information system (HRIS) or IT service management (ITSM). Once HR creates the new hire ticket, the BetterCloud workflow automatically kicks off the onboarding process of granting application access, assigning groups, sending notifications, and any other specific actions that are required for the individual employee.

The advantages of zero-touch onboarding

For new hires, zero-touch onboarding accelerates employee productivity, allowing them to hit the ground running on Day 1. For recruiting and people teams, it means faster turnaround times. And for IT, it boosts operational efficiency and scales IT impact across the organization. Less manual work for IT creates more capacity to tackle strategic projects and support business growth.

Employee onboarding is just one example of a user lifecycle process that BetterCloud can automate with a zero-touch approach.  By streamlining and automating this type of critical work, IT teams can improve operational efficiency and employee productivity — helping build resilience in a tumultuous economic climate. 

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