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Announcing third-party extensions for Duet AI in Workspace, Salesforce as first partner

September 14, 2023
Yulie Kwon Kim

VP, Product Management, Workspace Platform

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Editorial note: Duet AI for Google Workspace is now Gemini for Google Workspace. Learn more.

Today, we’re excited to announce third-party extensions for Duet AI in Google Workspace, to help users get even more done with generative AI in the world’s most popular productivity tool. 

For years, we’ve been committed to building features that connect and simplify the ways you work — across Google Workspace and the third-party apps you rely on every day. Now, we’re beginning to open up Duet AI in Google Workspace to third-party ecosystem partners, starting with Salesforce.

Connecting Duet AI with more of your unique business context and workflows will allow it to become an even more helpful collaboration partner. You can rest assured your interactions with Duet AI will stay within your organization and your existing Google Workspace privacy protections are automatically applied

Improving customer experience with Salesforce

We're working with our longstanding partner, Salesforce, to create the first third-party integrations to enable users to seamlessly work across platforms through Duet AI in Workspace, and Salesforce’s Einstein Copilot. 

Together, we’re extending the powerful capabilities of Duet AI and Einstein Copilot to enable you to use your account, contact, and opportunity data from Salesforce to generate customized Google Slides and Docs. You’ll also be able to bring Google Meet summaries and context from Gmail and Google Calendar into Salesforce to update records and trigger workflows, such as saving a signed contract to Salesforce and closing the opportunity with a win-loss report generated in Docs.

Using context from a customer email in Gmail, Duet AI will be able to help by creating and populating a new Salesforce opportunity. Screens are illustrative and may change.

If you’re part of a sales organization, it’s likely your customer context is distributed across docs, emails, productivity tools, and your CRM system. Through our partnership, joint customers of Workspace and Salesforce will be able to generate relevant and personalized content and trigger workflows and automation based on context from both platforms.

With this integration, you’ll be able to:

  • Generate personalized content: You’ll be able to create emails in Gmail, content in Google Docs, and more, using relevant information from Workspace and Salesforce, such as information on prior meetings, customer interactions and sales outcomes.

  • Keep records up-to-date: You’ll be able to leverage Google Workspace data to help you automatically keep Salesforce records up-to-date, eliminating manual tasks like moving an opportunity stage forward in Salesforce based on context from Gmail.

  • Drive automation at scale: You’ll be able to automate processes and eliminate the need for context switching by automatically generating interaction and meeting summaries, scheduling follow-ups and assigning tasks, and more, based on context from Salesforce and Google Workspace. For example, after a successful sales call, a summary from Google Meet can trigger assignment of tasks to owners in Salesforce, schedule follow-up meetings in Google Calendar, and move a deal stage to closed.


Recommendations for meeting attendees from your Salesforce contacts, powered by Duet AI.

Continued commitment to trust and security across applications

Workspace and Salesforce have always upheld strong commitments to user privacy and security. With Duet AI in Workspace, we continue that promise, and you can rest assured that your interactions with Duet AI are private to you. And each of these integrations will be backed by the robust privacy and user data protections already in place across Google Workspace and Salesforce.  

Opening Duet AI extensions to more partners

We plan to continue building richer and more impactful platform capabilities, and we’re excited to open Duet AI extension capabilities to other partners in the near future. We look forward to jointly creating AI-powered workflows that help safely extend the capabilities of Duet AI in Workspace to more workflows and partner applications.

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