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Giving more Google Workspace customers access to AppSheet

August 2, 2023
Suraj Poozhiyil

Director Product Management, Business Application Platform Google Cloud

AppSheet is a no-code development platform that allows businesses to quickly and easily build apps to automate workflows, improve productivity, and connect with their customers. With AppSheet, anyone can create technology solutions integrated with Google Workspace.

Previously, customers who didn't have AppSheet available through their Google Workspace subscription could purchase an AppSheet Core license. In order to allow more Google Workspace users to take advantage of AppSheet’s powerful app creation capabilities, we recently announced that AppSheet Core licenses will be included by default for almost all Google Workspace editions. This means that businesses and teams of all sizes can now use AppSheet within their organizations without having to purchase additional licenses. 

In bringing AppSheet to more Google Workspace users, security and administrative tools remain top of mind. As part of this announcement, we introduced a new administrative control that lets admins choose whether users can share apps externally, connect to external data, email external recipients, and access apps from outside their organization.

AppSheet Core is now included in more Google Workspace pricing plans

How AppSheet can help you

AppSheet customers report a number of benefits from using the platform, including:

  • Empowered workforces: Duet AI in AppSheet (Duet AI is now Gemini for Google Workspace; learn more) unlocks the power of generative AI in the app creation process, allowing employees to simply describe the problem they’re trying to solve in order to build an application that addresses their needs. 

  • Increased productivity: AppSheet helps businesses automate workflows and improve efficiency. Philippines-based Globe Telecom used AppSheet to build a custom app that helps their frontline employees manage customer requests, track inventory, and resolve issues. This has helped them reduce business process turnaround time by 79.8%.

  • Integrated experiences: AppSheet apps and automations can seamlessly integrate with Workspace solutions like Gmail and Google Chat, allowing users to avoid switching tools in order to complete business processes. Instead, users can interact with and use AppSheet apps directly from the places they’re already working, without custom development or complex integrations.

  • Improved customer service and field operations: AppSheet helps businesses to provide better service by providing frontline employees with the tools they need to resolve issues quickly and efficiently. Chilean seafood exporter Camanchaca used AppSheet to build a custom app that helps their field technicians manage their work orders, track assets, and communicate with their customers. 

  • Reduced costs: AppSheet helps businesses reduce costs by empowering their workforce to build robust apps to streamline mission-critical processes, without the need for software developers or complex internal IT processes. Canadian environmental consultants Environmental Dynamics Inc. used AppSheet to build a custom app that helps their employees manage their time, track expenses, and collaborate on projects. 

How to get started with AppSheet

AppSheet helps businesses to get insights from their data by providing tools to build custom dashboards and reports. All three companies mentioned above have used AppSheet to build custom apps that help them to track and analyze their data. This has helped them to make better business decisions and improve their bottom line.

If you're interested in using AppSheet to build custom apps without writing any code, here are some helpful resources to help you get started today.

  • Build your first app! Go to our how to create an app page and start your AppSheet journey.

  • Join our engaging AppSheet community to get support and answers to your questions from users just like you.

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