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How AppSheet continues to grow as a low-code platform market leader

January 31, 2023
Vikas Anand

Director of Product, Google Cloud

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AppSheet is a platform integrated with Google Workspace that enables anyone to rapidly build applications that digitally transform and streamline workflows—without code.

As the way we work continues to change, the need for no-code and low-code tools that enable hybrid work and empower the workforce across all industries is on the rise. The democratization of software creation is also gaining ground within organizations, and by 2024  more than 65% of applications will be developed by low-code tools. The need for productivity tools that establish seamless information flow, instant communication, and powerful insights leveraging real-time data has never been greater—across the frontline workforce and among knowledge workers of all types.

As a market leader for no-code and low-code platforms, we love hearing how our customers have built new solutions and solved for their toughest challenges.  With AppSheet, our innovations focus on making you successful at creating workforce collaboration at scale, digitizing manual workflows, and establishing sound governance. 

How our customers are transforming their organizations with AppSheet

Accelerating digital transformation at scale
AppSheet has been key to a successful citizen developer strategy at Globe Telecom and this is a great example of an AppSheet customer that fosters a culture of digital collaboration and innovation. Their program saw the deployment of over 200 employee-developed apps, resulting in a 79.8% reduction in processing time and $6.7 million in savings on its first year of implementation. This net economic impact is expected to increase 38% year-on-year. 

Empowering citizen developers
At Lixil, empowering all employees to use digital tools is a key way of ensuring continued sustainable growth. Within a year, employees across teams created ~850 applications to solve business problems and improve productivity. AppSheet helped them in their quest to digitize and adopt a culture of problem solving.

Managing governance

A major hurdle in digital transformation tools and their adoption is governance. WithAppSheet, we make this easy by letting administrators control how apps are created and consumed. This has made Airbus’ journey in reducing their paper trail and process automation seamless. Watch Airbus share one such use case with AppSheet.

Our road ahead

2022 was an exciting time for us as we prioritized collaboration, ease of platform use, and governance. Here are our key focus areas for 2023:

1. No more paper trails through easy app development

Key to the success of any digital transformation strategy is to ensure everyone—regardless of their tech know-how—is equally empowered. Last year, we previewed our very own AppSheet Database to simplify the creation of AppSheet apps and integrate them with the platform. We also previewed a new improved navigation to the AppSheet editor to ease development. Both these features are going live this year.

2. Enhancing collaboration, workforce connectedness, and user experience

Because workflows are often executed through Google Chat, it was natural for us to introduce Chat apps to help digitize your communication processes. Create Chat Apps (chatbots) and deploy them within your organization—without writing a single line of code. This feature is coming  in the first half of 2023. We’ve also made it easy for you to create desktop applications and build a Desktop User Experience. This will be generally available  in Q1 2023.

3. Governance and compliance

AppSheet simplifies governance at scale. In 2022, we introduced an expanded governance policy to control the behavior and boundaries of AppSheet. Additionally, organizations and their admins for AppSheet can now have hierarchical control over team management within their accounts to allow for centralized oversight of organizations in distributed teams.

4. Partnerships

In 2022, we announced our investment in the culture of citizen development. As the new year gains momentum, we’re excited to announce that we’ve unlocked the silver tier level of the Project Management Institute (PMI) Citizen Developer™  Partner Program, joining organizations from across the globe who are standardizing this hyper-agile way of working. 

“I would like to congratulate Google AppSheet on achieving the silver tier of the PMI Citizen Developer Program,” said Sam Sibley, Global Head of Citizen Developer. “At PMI we are dedicated to helping equip individuals and organizations across the globe with tools that will enable them to excel. Working with organizations like Google, who have demonstrated their alignment to the PMI Citizen Developer standards, will continue to drive the substantial benefits of adopting low-code and no-code technology.” 

This definitely marks a thrilling year ahead for us and for our customers. To learn more about AppSheet, or try it for free, click here.

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