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Ultimate guide: use these free G Suite resources

November 26, 2019
The G Suite Team

Check out these helpful (and free!) G Suite resources to help you stay focused and productive despite the year-end craze.

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Business gets busier this time of year, which means many of you are smack in the middle of 12-hour days. Whether ramping up for the year’s biggest sales, hiring seasonal employees, or simply doing business as usual, we all could use a little help. Toward that end, here are our gifts to you: several helpful (and free!) G Suite resources to help you stay focused and productive despite the year-end craze. 

To help you get started...

  • Set up G Suite in record time. It’s easy to set up G Suite for your small business with help from G Suite’s Quick Start Guide. Use this self-serve guide to learn how to take care of common tasks on your own, like adding new email accounts, managing shared Google Drive accounts, or turning G Suite features on or off for your employees. Note: Make sure to log into your G Suite admin account when you visit this page—when you do so, you’ll see links that take you to the correct pages in the Admin console so you can complete tasks faster.

  • Get new users up and running quickly. Onboarding new workers? Want to help employees sharpen their G Suite skills? Send them to the G Suite Learning Center for easy-to-follow tutorials, like setting up Gmail and Google Calendar. 

Pro tip: organize your inbox when you first set up G Suite. It’s a good idea to make sure you organize your email when you first start using G Suite. It can help you establish healthy work habits and track down information quicker later on. Check out these must-read Gmail tips to achieve “Inbox Zero” (or at least get close to it).

To help you brush up on skills…

  • Use free training resources. We already mentioned our Learning Center, which houses many useful product tidbits. If you need help with something more specific in G Suite, you can also check out the Help Center or visit the G Suite YouTube channel for ongoing tips and tricks. For example, this is a huge timesaver: Did you know that if you type “doc.new” into a Chrome browser URL box, you instantly open up a blank Google Doc? Same goes for “sheet.new” and “slide.new.”

  • Learn best practices from other G Suite-rs. Don’t struggle alone with a challenge or question about using G Suite. Visit the G Suite Administrator Help Community and type your question into the search box to find posts from business owners like you who’ve asked similar questions. Or, post your own question to the community to get answers and help out others. 

  • Take your skills to the next level. The G Suite certification is an exam you can take to test your aptitude in G Suite productivity tools, like Gmail, Drive, Docs and more. The exam costs $75 and takes about two hours to complete; it’s a great addition to a resume. Learn more.

Pro tip: Before you take the G Suite certification, practice your skills by participating in our Qwiklab, taking this Coursera course, or trying your hand at lessons in applied digital skills.

To help you stay in the know…

  • Double-check that you are using the right edition. As your business grows, so might your collaboration needs. It’s always a good idea to check in on your subscription to make sure you’re making the most of your G Suite account. Learn specifics about pricing plans, ask questions about billing, or upgrade to the latest and greatest on our website.

  • Keep up with new features. Check our website to stay posted on product or feature releases in G Suite so that you’re organization is operating with the most up-to-date tools.

  • Get inspired by others. Whether retail, manufacturing, healthcare or another industry, G Suite is helping many different businesses collaborate and scale efficiently. See how companies are doing big things, like Nubile Skin, or read more stories on our website.

  • Follow G Suite on social. Check out G Suite on Twitter (@gsuite), Facebook and LinkedIn for the latest news, hacks, and tips.

Pro tip: watch out for “Tuesday Tips” on Twitter. Each Tuesday, we release must-know G Suite tips on Twitter. Test your skills each week and wow your colleagues.

Now that you’re on your way to becoming a G Suite whiz, it’s time to do something nice for yourself: Open up Gmail, create an event, call it “R&R,” and give yourself a break. You deserve it.

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