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La Virginia powers real-time collaboration with Google Workspace and aeros


The company has created a culture of remote work and collaboration through cloud solutions that boost team productivity and operational efficiency.


La Virginia is a mass food producer with branches in Argentina and Uruguay and over 1,600 employees.

Features used
Google Meet

The company has created a culture of remote work and collaboration through cloud solutions that boost team productivity and operational efficiency.

Google Workspace Results

The entire organization is now working collaboratively

  • Collaborative work culture established

  • Team efficiency improved with remote access to files and applications

  • Cost and resource savings due to fewer infrastructure and maintenance requirements

  • Change management processes transformed within the company

La Virginia is a mass food producer with over 1,600 employees. Founded in 1915, it currently has branches across Argentina and has expanded its business to Uruguay with the acquisition of La Manchega and Instituto Botánico La Selva.

 Through direct mass distribution networks, the company offers products and services under well-known, dependable brands in the markets where it operates, which adapt to the preferences of customers and clients.

In search of a more collaborative and efficient platform

Previously, La Virginia relied on a set of discrete work tools, including email and calendar features, making it hard for over 500 platform users to access them from their varied locations and, therefore, to work collaboratively. 

In this scenario, team management tasks, from scheduling a meeting to drafting a presentation on a certain topic, faced many challenges.

Remote work also became unreliable as tools were not properly synchronized and documents could not be shared easily.

As all this impacted negatively on operating efficiency and flexibility, the company set out to find a solution that would allow real-time collaboration, access from anywhere, enhanced security, and prove easier to use.

Driving collaboration with agile solutions


“Choosing Google Workspace was a very positive change for La Virginia as we can now rely on a single, unified platform for all our remote work and collaboration needs. The adoption rate was fast because many of our employees were already familiar with these tools.” -Carolina Bombey, IT Manager, La Virginia

In early 2021, La Virginia started to migrate its legacy platform to the cloud, based on Google Workspace best practices and supported by partner aeros.

The company purchased Google Workspace licenses for its 500+ users. During implementation, which took place in several stages and lasted approximately six months, it migrated 3.4TB of emails and 6.1TB of data to the cloud.

The Google Workspace solutions adopted by the company included Gmail, Drive, Sheets, and Google Meet, which boosted connection, creation, and collaboration capabilities across teams, as well as Forms, used by the entire organization.

The adoption process was simple and agile both because La Virginia employees were familiar with tools such as Gmail and Drive, and also because aeros provided training, internal communications support, and guidance throughout the process.

Digital transformation to power business

“Adopting new tools has led to a motivating environment in La Virginia, which has encouraged self-service and the possibility of continuously improving processes through automation.” -José Ignacio R. Pinto, CTO & Co-Founder, aeros

Migrating to Google Workspace boosted La Virginia's digital capabilities and led to a work culture based on data unification and collaboration.

In terms of technology, the company improved real-time collaboration on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, and enabled remote access to files and applications, which significantly improved team efficiency.

In addition, Google Workspace's ease of use helped reduce employees’ learning curve and increase user adoption, while providing significant cost and resource savings as it is a cloud solution with fewer infrastructure and maintenance requirements.

In terms of corporate culture, this solution fostered more team collaboration and flexible ways of working by making remote work more streamlined and efficient.

Finally, by adopting Google Workspace, La Virginia has transformed its approach to change management, including training, support, and communication processes that helped employees adapt to new ways of working and technologies.

A future of growth in the cloud

“Google Workspace has helped us encourage the team’s collaborative spirit at La Virginia. We couldn't think about collaboration, agility, or upskilling with tools that made integration, scalability, and visibility difficult. With the cloud, we’ve managed to solve these constraints, and we can now focus on driving value.” -Carolina Bombey, IT Manager, La Virginia

After adopting Google Workspace solutions, La Virginia’s team is now enthusiastic about the possibility of incorporating new tools and skills, such as artificial intelligence and low-code applications.

Partner aeros is continuing to work on various action plans with the company to enhance its digital transformation, both in terms of IT support and the optimization of settings to meet changing needs.

Updating Google Workspace tools and incorporating new features are also key to improving the productivity of implemented solutions and helping La Virginia constantly gain the most value from the platform.

*Google Workspace was formerly known as G Suite prior to Oct. 6, 2020.

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About aeros

aeros is a well-known Argentina-based Google Cloud partner for Latin America, with three active specializations and over 40 certified professionals. The company was granted Google Cloud’s Partner of the Year 2023 award.