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CENTURY 21 Canada: Enabling best-in-class real estate customer experiences with Google Workspace

Century 21 Canada
Century 21 Canada

CENTURY 21 is one of the largest, most recognizable residential real estate brands in the world with 9,400 offices across 80 countries.

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Century 21 Canada

The team at CENTURY 21 Canada had faced periodic email disruptions, which caused operational challenges and negatively impacted customer service. The real estate giant also wanted to empower its agents with more powerful, flexible collaboration and productivity tools overall to maximize the success of franchisees and independent agents.

Google Workspace Results

Eliminates email system blackouts with 99.9% uptime

• Migrated email and collaboration data to Google Workspace for hundreds of offices in 60 days

• Achieves 45% user adoption, nearly double the industry norm of 25%

• Provides seamless integration for high-value real estate solutions

• Supports a scalable, optimized collaboration environment

• Creates power users through enhanced training

Enabling Change:

Solutions: Collaboration & Productivity

Workloads: Work Transformation

"Identifying Suitebriar as our Google Cloud Premier Partner was essential to the success of CENTURY 21 Canada's adoption of Google Workspace. A technology rollout of this scale can be extremely difficult, but this was one of the smoothest technology implementations in my 20-year career." - Jack Miller, CTO, CENTURY 21 Canada

With so many independent agents and a vast network of agencies, real estate professionals are all too familiar with the challenges that come with having too many technology standards. Even traditionally popular modes of collaboration — corporate email systems — might have only 25 percent adoption rates among REALTORS® as they work with their colleagues and clients. This can lead to internal operating inefficiencies at agencies, as well as some negative customer experiences as people find even routine collaboration difficult.

CENTURY 21 (C21) Canada looked to overcome these challenges and improve how its agents work together and with people outside the C21 family. The company's approach: adopt Google Workspace with the help of Google Cloud Premier Partner Suitebriar.

After a quick 60-day migration to Google Workspace for hundreds of offices and franchisees as well as thousands of contractors, courtesy of Suitebriar, C21 began to see immediate benefits, including 45 percent adoption among all users which is nearly double the industry norm of 25 percent. C21 does not directly employ the entire user community, and countless email configurations could be found across its franchise locations. Suitebriar assisted in migrating users while maintaining the complex and varied nature of the organization's communications environment.

Gmail keeps all 400 offices, 360 franchisees, and 9,000 independent contractors across Canada connected without the headaches and outages associated with the company's previous legacy environment. Suitebriar continues to provide training support, enhancing C21's onboarding processes and giving every new user a jump start, while handling ongoing system maintenance and troubleshooting.

Residential real estate agents enjoy the mobile-friendly nature of Google Workspace apps, allowing them to provide exceptional client services and more easily manage their own storage space as needed. For example, Calendar allows agents to quickly coordinate schedules for open houses, inspections, and more. With Suitebriar's expert support and the powerful collaboration and productivity tools in Google Workspace, C21 can stay more focused on its core business and provide customers with the best possible experiences while buying and selling properties.

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*Google Workspace was formerly known as G Suite prior to Oct. 6, 2020.

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