Google Workspace for professional services businesses

Productivity tools that help you put your expertise to work.

Whether you serve individuals or businesses, stay connected and get organised to securely serve your clients’ needs.

Protect sensitive client information.

  • Use Google Drive and Google Sites to securely share any type of data.
  • Use Google's mobile device management and encryption to keep data secure on mobile devices.
  • Control who can access information and easily adjust the settings to meet your changing needs.

Collaborate with partners and clients from anywhere.

  • Collaborate in shared Google Docs and Google Slides while working from different locations.
  • Work quickly as a team without the hassles of version control or edit locking.
  • Contribute real-time edits, comments and approvals directly in Docs and Slides.

Centralise key assets so that employees can find all important updates and documents in one place.

  • Move all your internal communications, announcements, policy updates and training materials to Drive.
  • Link to everything from an easy-to-build Google Sites website.
  • Give access to all employees or just a select group.
  • Easily search and find information that you need across Google Workspace and other content repositories with Cloud Search.

Remotely connect your teams across multiple locations.

  • Sync up contractors, partners and vendors anywhere in the world using live Meet for video conferencing.
  • Cut travel time and costs while holding live meetings as often as you need to.
  • Record the meeting so that team members can review details or catch up on any meetings that they miss.

Professional Services businesses across the globe have gone Google.
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See how this health and fitness studio used Google Workspace to transform its business.

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