Google Workspace for technology businesses

Productivity tools that help you innovate and build what’s next.

Stay organised and collaborate closely with employees, partners and customers to invent the future.

Scope, plan and schedule projects with your entire team.

  • Manage activities with a shared task list in Google Sheets or a team calendar in Google Calendar.
  • Hold live Google Meet video meetings with your employees and customers for better communication and faster planning.

Jointly collaborate with partners and customers to build your next project.

  • Share and collaborate on product designs, mock-ups, quality guidelines and KPIs in a secure Google Drive workspace.
  • Collaborate in shared Google Docs while working from different locations.
  • Contribute real-time edits, comments and approvals directly in the Docs.

Bring your remote team together anytime for an instant brainstorm.

  • Hold online video Meet whenever you want to – without any travel time or costs.
  • Use screen sharing and shared Docs to keep everyone on the same page, literally.
  • Record the meeting so that team members can review details or catch up on any meetings that they miss.

Capture customer feedback to improve future projects.

  • Use simple online Google Forms to gather insights from employees and customers.
  • Easily create custom Forms surveys and send them to large groups of people at once.
  • Automatically capture Forms data in Sheets so that you can immediately analyse and summarise results.

Centralise key assets so that employees can find all important updates and documents in one place.

  • Move all internal news, executive blog posts, project schedules, product documents, online forms and training content to Drive.
  • Link to everything from an easy-to-build Google Sites website.
  • Give access to all employees or just a select group.
  • Easily search and find information that you need across Google Workspace and other content repositories with Cloud Search.

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