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acdc express hero image for web 960x415

ACDC Express: Taking a growing national franchise to the next level

By switching to Google Workspace, South Africa’s largest electrical retail franchise created a highly stable, responsive communications platform, which pulls its expanding network together.


Achères, France: Helping municipal workers serve their community better with Google Workspace

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the town of Achères improved collaboration, boosted productivity, and reduced licence costs by implementing Google Workspace.


Simplifying Healthcare Communication: The Power of Gmail

Gmail, meeting 67 of 84 secure email controls, emerges as a viable solution in healthcare communication, backed by a study involving Adapta and key healthcare players.

Adler Planetarium

Adler Planetarium: Discovering avenues for workflow improvement

Sitting on the shore of Lake Michigan, Adler Planetarium has helped connect people to the Universe and each other for almost 90 years. The organization's legacy office solution involved a mix of software suites that hampered effective collaboration, so Adler sought to unify its productivity platform and encourage easier collaboration.


Adobe: Streamlines collaboration and helps teams bring beautiful design to life

Adobe’s Google Workspace Add-on lets teams share designs within Gmail, Docs, and Slides, creating on-brand experiences with seamless access to logos, fonts, and digital assets while increasing productivity eightfold.


Adore Me: Working in unison across four time zones to make fashion a force for good

Adore Me unites its global offices and distribution centers on Google Workspace, empowering employees to join forces to better serve customers and leave a positive mark in the world.


Aerotech: Developing precision productivity

Industries ranging from medical device to semiconductor manufacturing turn to custom motion control solutions and equipment from Aerotech to produce their products. With employees and customers based across multiple continents, Aerotech sought a productivity platform that would encourage accessible and international collaboration.


Africa GreenTec: Electrifying off-grid Africa with cross-continental teamwork on Google Workspace

Africa GreenTec bridges the gap between offices in Germany and across Africa with Google Workspace, enabling cross-continental collaboration to empower African communities with electricity.

akron hero

AKRON: Connecting frontline employees to head office with Google Workspace

AKRON powers digital inclusion by unifying its workforce, from the frontlines to the corporate office, with Google Workspace.


Al Shirawi: Helping one of the Middle East's biggest industrial groups work more collaboratively

Al Shirawi migrated to Google Workspace to help its employees collaborate better and support its ongoing digital transformation, saving 30% on IT costs in the process.


Alfamart: Spreading minimart convenience across the Philippines with Google Workspace

Alfamart added 200 stores during the global pandemic, trained more than 1,000 new workers remotely, and supported remote Philippine communities during lockdowns with Google Workspace.


All Nippon Airways

As Japan’s largest airline, we know a thing or two about clouds. Today we’re delighted to announce that we’ll be embarking on a journey to a cloud of a very different kind — with Google’s cloud based tools Google Workspace — to communicate and collaborate more easily.

Elderly couple playing game and laughing with caregiver

Amstelring: Bringing caregivers closer to those who need them most

To better serve its thousands of elderly and disabled clients, Amstelring uses Google Workspace and Chromebooks, helping caregivers spend less time in the office and more time with the people who need them most.

Andela logo

Andela: Partnering with Africa's tech community

Andela scales high-performing engineering teams with Africa's best software developers, emphasizing technical qualifications alongside personal values in its talent search process. Collaboration is at the heart of Andela and as the company faced significant annual employee growth, it sought a productivity solution that encourages teamwork at a global scale.


AnyMind Group: Using Google Cloud technologies to grow professionals, businesses, and industries

Using Google Cloud Platform and Google Workspace, AnyMind Group enabled staff across Asia to collaborate effectively and run its various businesses and platforms on a highly available, agile, and cost-effective infrastructure.


Appian: Helping drive process efficiency and automation with intuitive, low-code technology

Appian uses Google Workspace to drive collaboration and creativity across the company, enhancing end-to-end engagement among 2,400 employees and delivering innovative product offerings to customers.


Article: How Article enhances user experiences and IT security with JumpCloud and Google Workspace

Article uses Google Workspace and JumpCloud to protect its brand and improve user experiences through secure, high-quality digital interactions.


Arvika Municipality: Securing a digital classroom learning platform with Google Workspace

With Google Workspace for Education, Arvika Municipality has built a powerful learning platform that helps students build digital competencies while adhering to the highest standards of security.

Asana: Enabling effortless coordination of work with Google Workspace

Asana helps give teams the clarity they need to accomplish more with less by integrating Gmail and Google Workspace more closely with the Asana experience.


Ascend Money: Using Google Cloud Platform and Google Workspace to reduce costs, automate activities, and improve collaboration

With Google Workspace, Ascend Money is saving each worker 20 hours per week, obtaining value from its investments and accelerating time to productivity and collaboration. With Google Cloud Platform, Ascend Money is lowering time to market, analyzing data effectively to support decision-making, and directing effort more efficiently.

ascension-hero image

Ascension: Redefining collaboration across the continuum of care

Ascension digitally transforms how its 160,000 employees communicate and collaborate with each other.

atb financial hero image 960x415 for web

ATB Financial: Reimagining work with Google Workspace

As part of its customer-centric attitude and mandate to transform banking, ATB launched a bold transformation initiative powered by Google Workspace. As a result, ATB is driving innovation, optimizing workflows and business processes, and enabling more positive customer interactions.


Atlassian: Stimulates collaboration, creativity, and problem-solving with Jamboard**

With Jamboard through Google Workspace, Atlassian has improved collaboration – particularly with remote workers – for critical tasks such as developing new features for core products.

aveve group hero image

AVEVE Group: Coordinating an agricultural supplier with Google Workspace tools

By collaborating on Google Drive, Belgian market leader in agricultural supplies, AVEVE Group centralised and standardised processes at more than 50 businesses across 400 locations.


Back Market: Going global in the refurbished electronics market with Google Workspace

Back Market chose Google Workplace as the right solution to support its growth into a serious player in the refurbished electronics market, getting new employees up and running quickly.


Banco Macro: Banking on team collaboration to support customers on and offline

Banco Macro used Google Workspace as a foundation for cross-organizational collaboration, modernizing team communication to deliver best-in-class service no matter where or how their client banks.

BBVA logo


"At BBVA we see technology as a key sustainable competitive advantage, and staying at the forefront of technology and business practices is key to our success."
Bci logo

Bci: Transforming banking from the inside out with Google Workspace

At Bci, Google Workspace increases employee productivity, drives connectedness, and resonates with digital natives inside and outside the bank, helping strengthen the bank’s competitive edge.

BHI logo

BHI: Embracing Google Workspace and AppSheet to transform the workplace

By moving its productivity solutions to the cloud and giving employees better tools to solve their challenges, BHI has transformed its workforce to be more innovative, productive, and profitable.

Big Rewards Logo

AirAsia’s BIG Rewards: Accelerating forecasting and budgeting and increasing agility with Connected Sheets

With Connected Sheets, BIG Rewards employees can analyze and report on large volumes of data through a familiar Sheets interface, accelerating decision-making and enabling the business to become more agile and relevant to a fast-changing market.


Blank Label: Tailoring high-touch customized fitting experiences for men’s clothing

Blank Label uses the collaborative capabilities of Google Workspace to stand apart from other retailers and clothiers with faster, streamlined access to services to always deliver the perfect personalized fit.

BLuebell logo

Bluebell Group: Transforming the way luxury brands do business in Asia

Bluebell enabled its global offices to work together in real time, freed up its IT team to work on core tasks—not support tickets—and launched an AI chatbot that automates HR tasks for 2,500 staff.


BMI Group: Bringing digital innovation to the employee and manufacturing experience

BMI Group empowers global employees collaborating on Google Workspace to be agents of innovation by using AppSheet to automate processes and boost productivity.

BPER hero

BPER Banca: Banking on Google Cloud to improve collaboration and simplify search

BPER Banca migrates to Google Workspace and implements Cloud Search to improve productivity by enabling collaboration and simplifying access to shared information.

Colorfully lit-up sky scraper at night

Britam: Helping a leading pan-African insurer support its clients at every stage of life

After expanding to seven countries, Britam migrated to Google Workspace to foster better collaboration across borders and between product divisions, helping to provide a seamless experience for its clients.


Broadcom: Advancing mass transformation through better connectivity

Broadcom accelerated product development and grew revenues while managing costs with Google Workspace tools including Gmail, Drive, Meet, and Jamboard** to promote productivity, security, and collaboration.

Brown University hero

Brown University: Safeguarding communication channels for faculty, students, and staff

Brown University uses Virtru to maintain highly secure, private communications through Google Workspace for Education collaboration tools. Encourages more secure communication through intuitive encryption service.

Buffalo Tours logo

Buffalo Tours

"Customers today have high expectations. They want information on-the-go and prompt replies to their queries. Information technology thus becomes a business imperative, and an effective enabler towards managing and developing our business."

Bushel: Ensuring seamless collaboration, anytime, anywhere

Bushel streamlines and shares agricultural data that would otherwise be siloed. To serve its customers, Bushel needs to be able to collaborate at any time, anywhere, and does so using Google Workspace.

buurtzorg hero image

Buurtzorg: Empowering nurses to provide effective care with Google Workspace

With Google Workspace, Buurtzorg found a productivity platform that complements its decentralized structure, integrates with its existing Buurtzorgweb system, and improves productivity while keeping costs low.


Camper: Creating fashion-forward footwear through advanced collaboration and analytics

Camper uses Google Workspace, Google Cloud, and SoftwareOne services to modernize its approach to collaboration and data analytics to enhance customer experiences and loyalty.

canada games council hero

Canada Games Council: Inspiring dreams and building champions

To help host cities improve operational planning and reduce costs, Canada Games Council moved from traditional office tools to Google Workspace, cutting planning time in half and saving millions of dollars for host cities.

Canam Group

Canam Group: Constructing a faster productivity solution

Google Workspace is the central work solution for Canam Group, allowing its employees in North America and worldwide to more easily work and collaborate.

canva-hero image

Canva: Democratizing design and collaborating closely with Google Workspace

With Google Workspace, Canva is delivering a collaborative environment to support a rapidly growing international workforce, keeping them connected and continuing to support a continued period of growth.

Cargills Bank

Cargills Bank: Transforming workflows and empowering employees with Google Cloud

Using Google Cloud, Cargills Bank streamlined workflows as part of a broader digital transformation and has become a technology leader in Sri Lanka.

Celestica hero image

Celestica: Improving global productivity and collaboration with Google Workspace

To provide a better experience for users and enable BYOD, Celestica migrated to Google Workspace, saving more than 17,000 hours a year in employee productivity.

cello zorg logo

Cello Zorg: Connecting caregivers and communities test

Netherlands-based care provider Cello Zorg connects 2,700 staff across 80 locations and saves €1 million over 4 years by switching to Google Workspace.

centro medico santagostino hero image

Centro Medico Santagostino: Taking healthcare to the cloud

Thanks to efficiencies made with Google Workspace scalable managed services, Italy’s groundbreaking Centro Medico Santagostino connects over 240,000 patients with affordable private healthcare.

Century 21 Canada

CENTURY 21 Canada: Enabling best-in-class real estate customer experiences with Google Workspace

The team at CENTURY 21 Canada had faced periodic email disruptions, which caused operational challenges and negatively impacted customer service. The real estate giant also wanted to empower its agents with more powerful, flexible collaboration and productivity tools overall to maximize the success of franchisees and independent agents.

Medical personnel in a hospital environment

Cambridge Health Alliance: Collaborating in the service of community health

The staff at Cambridge Health Alliance are harnessing the power of Google Workspace to make their organization more productive and flexible, especially in the face of a pandemic.

Chas Everitt

Chas Everitt: Saving on travel and IT support with Google Workspace

Chas Everitt International Property Group uses Gmail to increase reliability and reduce franchisee IT support costs, as well as Google Workspace to reduce travel and work more efficiently and collaboratively.

City of Chattanooga

City of Chattanooga: Innovating government services to support Tennesseans

The City of Chattanooga uses Google Workspace and Chromebooks to boost productivity, streamline IT administration, and deliver vital local services faster to Tennessee residents.

City of L.A. ITA hero image

City of Los Angeles: Using Google Maps to inform and empower citizens

City of Los Angeles Information Technology Agency uses Google Maps Platform to visually share with citizens the latest need-to-know information regarding mudslides, wildfires, and other events.


City of Linköping: Flexibly collaborating on Google Workspace to better serve its citizens

To inspire greater collaboration, optimize customer service and future-proof its administrative processes, the City of Linköping switched from an on-premise productivity suite to Google Workspace.

Chantelle Lingerie

Chantelle Lingerie: Real-time collaboration, from factory to boutique

Chantelle Lingerie uses Google Workspace to share documents between multiple sites across continents, enabling employees to communicate in real time, encouraging collaboration and saving on IT support.

Clarkstown Police Department

Clarkstown Police Department: Catalyst for a culture shift

Using Google Workspace, Clarkstown Police Department has transformed the way its officers share information and digital evidence. It’s now exploring opportunities to move other services to the cloud to save more time and money.


Cloud & Ground: Encouraging better community living with the support of Google Workspace

Cloud & Ground seamlessly collaborates with freelancers from around the world, organizing virtual and on-ground events via video meetings and online presentations, with the help of Google Workspace.

Colgate-Palmolive hero image

Colgate-Palmolive: Empowering global collaboration with Google Workspace to better serve millions of families worldwide

To empower employees to collaborate with colleagues, clients, and partners worldwide while maintaining security, Colgate-Palmolive worked with SADA to migrate 28,000 people to Google Workspace.

comanche county memorial hospital logo for web

Comanche County Memorial Hospital: Enhancing patient care and security

Using Google Workspace, Comanche County Memorial Hospital reduced costs, improved collaboration and mobile access to data, increased security, and allowed medical professionals to spend more time with patients.


Comdata: Delivering outstanding Customer Experience using Google Workspace

Comdata improves communication, services and performance, bringing benefits to its clients and their customers, by uniting its global team on Google Workspace.


Comune di Bergamo: enabling a cohesive, collaborative workforce with Google Workspace

Within a year, the Comune di Bergamo migrated more than 1,000 municipal employees to Google Workspace to boost productivity, enable smarter collaboration, and ensure safe remote working.

Clock tower of Bologna

Comune di Bologna: Creating community in a 21st-century smart city with Google Workspace

The Comune di Bologna migrated 4,000 public administration employees to Google Workspace to enable smart working, foster collaboration, streamline IT infrastructure, and modernize services for its citizens.

conrad electronic hero image 960 x 415 for web

Conrad Electronic: Disrupting online retail

As Conrad transitions from a B2C retailer to an advanced B2B and B2C platform for electronic products, it is using Google solutions to grow its customer base, develop on a reliable cloud infrastructure, and digitize its workplaces and retail stores.


Covisian: Driving the international growth of its outsourcing business using Google Workspace

Covisian creates a more collaborative culture, streamlines its processes, and becomes more efficient across its global network by using Google Workspace.

Curves logo


"Upon evaluation and based on our positive experiences with Gmail, we were readily convinced of [Google Workspace’s] superiority and compatibility with our growing business. In addition, this move made sense as our staff are already very used to Gmail and its interface, and were able to easily move to leveraging [Google Workspace]."
Custom Ink

Custom Ink: Managing rapid growth through an always-connected collaborative culture

By leveraging Google Workspace, Custom Ink efficiently manages growth through a constantly connected collaborative culture.

Banco Davivienda hero image

Banco Davivienda: Driving a digital transformation strategy with Google Workspace

Banco Davivienda chose Google Workspace to underpin its digital transformation with solid results – changing employee behaviors at speed while supporting sharp sales growth and efficiencies.

DB Corp logo

DB Corp

"Google Workspace enabled our teams to collaborate more closely and the business to operate more efficiently, which was extremely important in enabling us to transition to a modern organization, driving a sharp increase in the speed, agility and performance of the business."

Deliveroo: Delivering record-breaking growth with the right tools

Deliveroo is the fastest-growing technology company in the United Kingdom, according to Deloitte, and uses Google Workspace to establish new offices, onboard staff, enhance collaboration, and expand at speed.

Design Within Reach Logo

Design Within Reach

"[Google Workspace] enables us to bring our store experience right in front of the customer so that the customer experience can be best in class."
Devoteam logo

Devoteam: Helping companies of all sizes to adapt and thrive in challenging times, with Google Workspace

Devoteam uses Google Workspace to connect with its customers online and guide them through digital transformation programs that help them grow, prosper, and stay connected, even in challenging times.

DFS sofa

DFS: Staying connected, from the sales floor to the living room floor

Faced with the challenge of uniting four companies under a single corporate umbrella, DFS switched to Google Workspace to facilitate collaboration across all its organizations. With that collaboration infrastructure in place, DFS is now able to bring its people together, supporting the welfare of the DFS community during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Discovery: Creating world-class entertainment with anywhere, anytime collaboration tools

Discovery migrated to Google Workspace with the help of partner SADA to provide employees with real-time, flexible collaboration tools


DocuSign: Providing customers seamless access to eSignature within Google Workspace apps.

Downloaded more than 2 million times, the DocuSign eSignature App for Google Workspace improves customers’ efficiency, experience, and security—and simplifies DocuSign’s development of new features.

dtdc express hero image

DTDC Express: Achieving a tenfold increase in collaboration and speed of decision-making with Google Workspace

Using Google Workspace, DTDC Express enabled its teams to work more closely and effectively, reduced its email support costs, delivered mobility, and started a program to improve collaboration and decision-making by its more than 5,000 employees. The business is deploying Google Workspace to more than more than 10,700 franchisees.


Eagle County, Colorado: Powering real-time emergency response through cloud collaboration

Eagle County’s Emergency Operations Center uses Google Workspace to better coordinate its emergency response teams and broadcast vital information in real time to a diverse, multilingual population during natural disasters.

Water treatment facility

Eaux de Vienne: Improving the flow of information with collaborative tools on Google Workspace

Eaux de Vienne chooses Google Workspace for faster email services as well as to enable its employees to work in the field and collaborate more effectively, saving time and improving operational efficiency.


Economist Impact: Launching a global brand during lockdown

Economist Impact leaned on Google Workspace to launch a new global business in less than 18 months in the middle of a pandemic, accelerating collaboration, unleashing creativity, and breaking down silos along the way.

Environmental Dynamics Inc-logo

Environmental Dynamics Inc.: Enabling digital productivity in the field, in the office, and at home

"[Google Workspace and AppSheet] make managing a distributed, deskless workforce much simpler, giving EDI better growth opportunities and a competitive edge in the marketplace."
EDUA Group logo

EDUA Group: Innovating via Google Workspace to bring teachers, courses, and students together online

EDUA Group used Google Workspace and Google Cloud to build an adaptable, high quality online education platform, and the entire IT infrastructure behind it, and uses Google Workspace to connect staff across teams.

Woman on mobile phone.

eir: Supporting staff to keep more than 2 million customers connected, from home

With Google Workspace, eir has built a platform designed for communication, collaboration, and security, enabling its employees to work nimbly and effectively, and enabling business continuity during COVID-19.

EFL logo

Electronica Finance Limited: Creating, updating, and fine-tuning machine loans in real time

EFL uses Google Workspace to unify its communication and productivity solutions, enabling staff to collaborate anytime, anywhere, to service its customers in the most efficient and effective manner.


Entelgy: Creating a workplace that is more transparent, more efficient, and more collaborative

Entelgy implements Google Workspace to make internal processes eight times more efficient, encourage employee collaboration, and create a more transparent work culture, transforming the company’s core values.

EULEN hero image

EULEN: Delivering excellence in care and sanitary service through collaboration

EULEN implemented Google Workspace to speed up review processes with Gmail, Docs, and Sheets by encouraging collaboration and improving administrative efficiencies, and enhancing feedback mechanisms with Forms.

Euroclean logo

Euroclean: Gaining more flexibility in one clean sweep with Google Workspace, Google Cloud Platform, and Chrome Enterprise

Euroclean implemented Google Workspace, Google Cloud Platform, and Chrome Enterprise to build a more flexible IT infrastructure so employees can easily access tools to ensure rapid, efficient customer service.


Evergen: Powering remote teams with effective collaboration on Google Workspace and cloud apps

Evergen integrates Google Workspace applications such as Docs and Meet, with enterprise tools such as Slack and Asana, to help employees and customers collaborate effectively across the globe and time zones.


Exterro: Connecting global teams at scale with Google Chat and Google Workspace

With Google Workspace, Exterro empowers global team members and contractors to easily and securely communicate, collaborate and share, creating a more productive and connected company culture.

F.C. Tucker

The F.C. Tucker Company: Revolutionizing real estate sales in Indiana

As the largest real estate agency in Indiana, The F.C. Tucker Company needed to provide a collaborative email and productivity platform for more than 1,500 agents across 56 offices and 18 franchises. Google Workspace enables faster access to data for realtors, enabling quicker decisions for customers. Work that used to take 15 to 20 days can now be done in real time.

Aerial view of Feralpi site

Feralpi: Forging a culture of communication, collaboration, and innovation with Google Workspace

With Google Workspace, the Feralpi Group has helped its staff streamline the way they work and improve communication and collaboration across the company.

high-end flaconi products

flaconi: Giving collaboration a makeover with an innovative, customer-first solution on Google Workspace

flaconi automated key processes such as employee onboarding and offboarding to reduce administrative effort, enabling its IT staff to shift from working on admin to mainly developing value-add projects. flaconi puts its staff and customers first, by moving to a cloud-based working environment to streamline work processes and automate key admin tasks, enabling staff to focus on adding value for customers.

fleetsmith hero image

Fleetsmith: Easier, more secure fleet management with Google Workspace

Fleetsmith integrates with Google Workspace to provide customers with a more secure and effective approach to managing macOS devices.

FM Logistic

FM Logistic: An integrated digital workplace with Google Workspace and LumApps

FM Logistic implemented Google Workspace and LumApps intranet for an integrated solution that users can access in their own language, enabling them to work more collaboratively and efficiently.

Footway Hero Image

Footway: How a small workforce powers big retail with Google Workspace

Swedish online shoe retailer Footway uses Google Workspace to structure its data storage systems for more efficient day-to-day processes, saving time by automating mail-outs with Gmail and Google Forms.

gant hero image

GANT: Suiting up for global growth with Google Workspace

As retail becomes increasingly global and competitive, GANT is continuing its proud history of innovation by moving to Google Workspace, reclaiming 150,000 hours of employee productivity a year.

General Mobile

General Mobile: Making the call to improve collaboration

Leading Turkish smartphone manufacturer General Mobile unified and simplified its complex communications legacy with Google Workspace tools for everything from archiving to taking minutes.

Generali Hungary herlo image

Generali Hungary: Transforming sales network communication with Google Workspace

Generali Hungary improves sales team unit collaboration and manager insight using Calendar and Meet, while using Gmail as a highly available and reliable email service, across multiple devices.

Geneva Business School

Geneva Business School: Empowering the business leaders of tomorrow with collaborative mindsets

Geneva Business School built an online education hub to improve collaboration and productivity for its students and faculty with Google Classroom and Google Workspace for Education.


Georgia Department of Community Supervision: Better supporting communities through remote work

By adopting Google Workspace, the Department of Community Supervision was able to decentralize its office space and decrease both its real estate and paper footprint.

Global Payments

Global Payments: Disrupting tools to foster innovation

Global Payments is staying competitive in the rapidly changing technology solutions industry by driving innovation and collaboration with Google Workspace apps and tools such as Google App Maker.

Gobierno Del Estado De Puebla

Gobierno del Estado de Puebla: Delivering the future of digital government

Gobierno del Estado de Puebla improves collaboration and efficiency while keeping state employees safe and productive during the COVID-19 pandemic with Google Workspace.


The Government of Tamaulipas: Example of innovation with Google Workspace and AppSheet

The Mexican state of Tamaulipas is undergoing a digital transformation, embracing new ideas and horizons in alignment with its National Digital Strategy. To help achieve this, the Government of Tamaulipas implemented Google Workspace and AppSheet critical tools to improve public management, digitize processes, and deliver digital government.

Governors’ Camp Hero Image

Governors’ Camp: Combining adventure and innovation for the ideal safari

With fast, transparent accounting on Google Drive and collaborative communication tools, Governors’ Camp creates traditional luxury safaris in Kenya and Rwanda while attracting new investments.


Guidion: Building a more secure infrastructure with Google Workspace

Guidion uses G Suite Business to help maintain compliance and safeguard its customers’ data, gaining efficiency by integrating tools from across the Google ecosystem, including Apigee.


Gulbene Municipality: Keeping community services running with modern collaboration tools

Gulbene Municipality migrated to Google Workspace to better serve its community by making essential services more easily accessible to citizens while enabling county office staff to work remotely.

Crowd of people in Hackney

Hackney Council: Empowering 4,000 staff to keep serving their community from home

To simplify processes, foster collaboration, and enable flexible work practices for employees in and out of the office, Hackney Council has migrated its workforce of 4,000 to Google Workspace.


Hamaya: Transforming traditional ways of work seamlessly with Google Workspace

Hamaya digitally transforms analog workplace practices by streamlining processes and improving cross collaboration with automation and Google Workspace.

Hamilton Beach logo

Hamilton Beach

"[Google Workspace] provides the enterprise-capability we need to be successful, at a fraction of the cost and complexity of other solutions."

Harim Group: An integrated communication tool that binds more than 20 subsidiaries, and establishes a horizontal work culture

Harim Group decided that smooth communication and quick decision-making among all group companies were necessary in order to keep up with the rapidly changing trends of the food industry. By adopting Google Workspace, communication and collaboration methods of 20 or so affiliates were unified, and collaboration took place naturally by utilizing Google Workspace tools, regardless of location. The way Harim’s teams work has changed, with horizontal communication now the norm. A fast and challenging work culture has been developed, where planning and execution can happen simultaneously.


Hijra: Empowering Indonesians to lead better lives through digital Islamic finance solutions

Hijra achieved seamless integration with a bank acquisition, gained four-fold improvement in report generation time, reduced meeting times by 40% and enabled a 4-day workweek with Google Workspace.

HK01 logo

HK01: Connecting teams and data insights on Google Cloud to build a top lifestyle platform

With Google Workspace, HK01 fosters creativity across teams to deliver new lifestyle services for Hong Kong people while Google Data Studio helps team leaders adjust quickly to trends for business growth.


HMH: Modernizing healthcare IT and collaboration for better patient and practitioner experiences

HMH uses Google Workspace, ChromeOS and Citrix DaaS to modernize its IT infrastructure and collaboration, lowering costs while simplifying management and bolstering security.

holtzbrinck hero image

Holtzbrinck Publishing Group: Stimulating innovation through collaboration with Google Workspace

Holtzbrinck Publishing Group empowers global employee collaboration with Google Workspace, streamlining the move toward a digital service-based future more responsive to the needs of readers and e-learners.

Homer Central School District Logo

Homer Central School District: Transforming student learning

Homer Central School District wanted to give its students and teachers the best technology and learning tools while staying within tight budgets. To do so, it needed to balance its existing legacy technology with a new foundation for more advanced cloud-based apps.


Homesale Realty: Empowering independent agents to do their best work from anywhere

Google Workspace has unified Homesale Realty’s growing legion of real estate agents around a single source of data, allowing them to work seamlessly, from anywhere.

Hunterdon Healthcare

Hunterdon Healthcare: Achieving higher-quality, more cost-effective care

Hunterdon Healthcare uses Google Workspace to improve collaboration and efficiency, reclaiming 30% of caregivers’ time for patient interactions while reducing costs by $1.3 million over 3 years.

Hurley Medical Center

Hurley Medical Center: Providing the best healthcare using advanced technologies

Hurley Medical Center enhances operational efficiencies, reduces costs, and helps improve patient outcomes by moving to Google Workspace from on-premises productivity software and email.

ibibo redbus logo

Ibibo Group: Improving customer experiences with Google Maps Platform and Google Cloud

Ibibo Group businesses Goibibo and redBus use Google Maps Platform to provide more intelligent and useful traveler services, while Goibibo uses Google Cloud services to improve staff collaboration, streamline guest check-in, and improve online offerings.


Idex: Enhances services that nurture sustainability goals inside and out

French renewable energy company Idex enables more productive, collaborative working environments with Google Workspace and Chromebooks


Imerys: Powering the digital transformation of a global mineral giant

Imerys uses Google Workspace to enable collaboration and communication between its global sites across 50 countries thanks to Google Meet, Drive, and Calendar, transforming how employees work.


Intellect Design Arena: Enabling agile design thinking with seamless collaboration

Intellect empowers employees in their creative design thinking process with Google Workspace, ensuring seamless collaboration opportunities to create the ideal digital solutions for customers.


iOPEX Technologies: Driving digital transformation for large enterprises with enhanced security and increased team productivity

iOPEX Technologies in its rapid expansion supported 60% annual global workforce growth, significant reduction in infrastructure costs by eliminating the need for platform training, and optimized real-time communications with Google Workspace.


Iron Mountain: Protecting critical data and assets with the help of Google Workspace

Iron Mountain leverages the collaborative capabilities of Google Workspace to efficiently operate a hybrid workplace and more securely manage digital and physical assets.

IT Convergence logo

IT Convergence: More intuitive, enterprise collaboration with Google Workspace

IT Convergence helps enterprise clients to maximize success by improving their IT infrastructure. With an international customer base and a legacy productivity tool solution that required costly on-premises hardware, IT Convergence sought to improve this platform and make employee work more intuitive.


Jain Irrigation Systems: Empowering farmers across the globe with sustainable innovation on Google Workspace

Jain Irrigation moved 12,000+ global staff to Workspace, won 100% freedom from IT maintenance, empowered farmers in pandemic, and forged new agriculture technology (ag-tech) strategy with Workspace and Google Cloud solutions

JBGoodwin logo

JBGoodwin REALTORS: Finding a home for better productivity

JBGoodwin’s previous productivity platform was built from multiple legacy solutions that ran into compatibility and usability issues, hindering employee productivity. The real estate agency pushed to rebuild its entire productivity suite around a unified solution to encourage intuitive collaboration among its staff.

Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream logo

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams, an artisan ice-cream company, has gone Google.


Kärcher: Bringing more than 85 years of tradition to the cloud with Google Workspace

Kärcher brings its global workforce of 13,500 together on Google Workspace to enable easier, more efficient communication, while supporting international collaboration between departments.

Men working with Kaeser Compressor equipment


KAESER COMPRESSORS uses Google Workspace to drive innovation and forge closer working relationships across its global workforce, while making it easier to connect and share files with its customer base.


Kawan Lama Group: Transforming the workplace with secure, seamless collaboration tools

Kawan Lama Group moves away from traditional ways of working by enabling a hybrid work culture with Google Workspace, to attract and retain talents as it undergoes a digital transformation journey.

KBZ Bank

KBZ Bank: Building reputation and competitiveness in Myanmar

KBZ Bank improves employee collaboration and productivity and enables technology team members to focus on innovation and financial inclusion rather than maintenance.


kfzteile24: Reducing costs and boosting productivity with Google Workspace

kfzteile24 has blazed a trail in the automotive sector by adopting cloud technologies to meet customers’ needs, moving over to Google Workspace has significantly improved its operational efficiency.

Kings Transport

Kings Transport: Enhancing collaboration and compliance with Google Workspace

With Google Workspace, Kings Transport has boosted safety and compliance, reduced costs, improved communication across the business, and enhanced agility.

Kingston and Sutton London Borough Councils Hero Image

Kingston and Sutton London Borough Councils: Empowering smart teams

By switching to Google Workspace, the Kingston and Sutton London Borough Councils implemented a communications solution that helps local authorities beat budget cuts by sharing resources.

Kisan Network logo

How Kisan Network uses Google Workspace to help Indian farmers reap more profits from their crops

Aditya Agarwalla founded Kisan Network to connect rural farmers in India directly with produce buyers. The company uses Google Workspace as its platform for communicating with 60 employees across India.


KKday: Ensuring efficient and secure global collaboration to deliver unique travel experiences

To facilitate its internal and external collaboration around the world, KKday uses Google Workspace to realize efficient and secure email exchange, file sharing and online meetings, while minimizing management effort.


Klarahill: Bringing local funeral homes together to thrive in a competitive and changing market

Klarahill enables Sweden’s funeral homes to pool their resources in an increasingly competitive market, using Google Workspace as a simple, secure environment to bring them together.

König & Bauer operational facility

Koenig & Bauer: Staying innovative by making knowledge and idea sharing easy with Google Workspace

Koenig & Bauer, the world’s oldest printing press manufacturer and a renowned pioneer in its industry, has adopted Google Workspace to help global teams collaborate closely and remain innovative.

KPJ Healthcare logo

KPJ Healthcare: Using Google Workspace to enable business continuity and introduce new ways of medical consultation in APAC

KPJ Healthcare ensures continuous patient care via teleconsultation and improves communication and collaboration among employees and stakeholders to ensure business is not disrupted during COVID-19 with Google Workspace.

L&T Finance hero image

L&T Finance: Providing opportunities for small businesses with quicker loan processing

L&T Finance implemented Google Workspace to better connect remote offices to its head office, accelerating the loan approval process for rural business owners across India.


La Virginia powers real-time collaboration with Google Workspace and aeros

The company has created a culture of remote work and collaboration through cloud solutions that boost team productivity and operational efficiency.

lafargeholcim Hero Image

Finding fresh perspectives at LafargeHolcim: Enabling true collaboration with Google Workspace

LafargeHolcim, the global leader in building solutions, embraces innovation and uses Google Workspace to innovate processes, be agile and empower its employees to collaborate more effectively.

lalamove logo

Lalamove: Building affordable, versatile global on-demand delivery with Google Workspace tools

Lalamove expanded to more than 20 global cities, built a worldwide network of 700,000 drivers, entered three major US cities, and upgraded multi-stop solutions with Google Workspace and Google Maps Platform.


Lamor Corporation: Collaborating seamlessly with localized teams to help clean the world

With Google Workspace, Lamor Corporation enables its employees to collaborate on documents and streamline workflows, fostering a culture of trust for its hubs and partners across the world.

L'Appart Fitness gym

L’Appart Fitness: Reaching its best shape with Google Workspace to continue expanding

L’Appart Fitness unifies its growing team with Google Workspace solutions that help them communicate effectively, work collaboratively, and react to customers’ needs in real time.


Le Biscuit: Digitizing 50 years of retail tradition

With Google Workspace, Le Biscuit established modern, agile workflows that keep everyone connected from HQ to frontline workers at its hundreds of shops in Brazil.

Leon Grosse logo

Léon Grosse: Bringing offices and building sites closer, with collaborative Google Workspace solutions

Léon Grosse migrated to Google Workspace to facilitate collaboration between its offices and building sites, enabling employees to work from anywhere, improving efficiency and reducing infrastructure costs.

Les Grands Chais de France logo

Les Grands Chais de France: Finding new ways to offer a virtual taste of French wine culture

Les Grands Chais de France is switching to Google Workspace to help its international teams collaborate easily, stay close to clients, and develop new ways to communicate digitally about its wines.


LifeCell: Nurturing life sciences solutions to build a healthier future

LifeCell executed full-fledged Workspace migration in 3 months, halved time needed for content creation, and transformed collaborative capabilities with granular privacy settings on Google Workspace.

Linear Clinical Research Logo

Linear Clinical Research: Supporting remote working, BYOD and data loss prevention with Google Workspace

With Google Workspace, Linear Clinical Research seamlessly transitioned its workers to work from home during the coronavirus pandemic and improved the management and control of internal and personally-owned devices connected to its network and data.

liu jo uomo hero image

Liu Jo UOMO: Accelerated growth and increased mobility with Google Workspace

With power2Cloud and Google, Liu Jo UOMO built a cloud-based infrastructure and increased productivity, thus driving its rapid growth and improving the mobility of its workforce.


Lush: the beauty of enabling 9,000 global employees to collaborate and grow via Google Workspace

Lush’s legacy IT systems impeded its global growth, so it migrated to Google Workspace in 2013 to empower staff, promote virtual collaborations and streamline tasks.

Mass Rapid Transit

Mass Rapid Transit Corporation: Delivering stability and empowering staff with Google Workspace

With Google Workspace and Google Cloud, Mass Rapid Transit Corporation has improved collaboration, enhanced email stability, and increased storage to enable engineers to retain large drawings and documents, while providing data and reports in an attractive visual format to support management decision-making.


Mastersystem Infotama: Transforming the workplace with secure, seamless collaboration tools

Mastersystem Infotama implemented Google Workspace to improve efficiency, security, and enhance collaboration while streamlining work processes for better efficiency across the organization.

Maven Wave

Maven Wave: Helping enterprises disrupt instead of being disrupted

Maven Wave helps enterprise customers disrupt by providing innovative solutions to accelerate digital transformation leveraging the Google Cloud portfolio, including Google BigQuery, Google machine learning, Google Cloud infrastructure, and Google Workspace.

McClatchy hero image

McClatchy: Real-time collaboration to drive real-time news

McClatchy has transformed into a digital-first media enterprise and utilizes Google Workspace to enable real-time collaboration among deadline-driven reporters and editors around the country.

MediaNews Group logo

MediaNews Group: Competing in the fast-paced news business through better collaboration

In 2011, MediaNews Group was struggling with multiple email systems as it welcomed a new CEO to lead the company. There was no easy way to send a simple email and communicate with all employees. In addition, without shared calendars and other collaboration tools, it was challenging to coordinate efforts between the digital and print media sales teams.


Mercer International: Enabling collaboration via Google Workspace and migrating 2K+ staff during COVID-19

Mercer International rolls out Google Workspace remotely across three continents, boosting productivity by making employees more independent of IT in a single, collaborative cloud ecosystem


Mercury Promotions & Fulfillment: Employee collaboration from anywhere

When COVID-19 hit, Mercury Promotions & Fulfillment employees moved effectively to working from home and collaborated online with colleagues and clients using Google Workspace.


MinTIC improves digital government initiatives with the support of Google Workspace and Xertica

Thanks to Google Workspace solutions, MinTIC has improved its internal processes and can provide Colombia’s local and regional authorities with agile and secure access to its services.


MMP: Creating a new work culture and systems for consulting excellence

With Google Workspace, MMP improved how its large, growing workforce can collaborate and use data and information in new ways to deliver some of Pakistan’s most transformative public projects.


Monstarlab: Empowering talent anywhere with a global workforce united by Google Workspace

Monstarlab uses Workspace tools to coordinate a global rebrand and develop agile work methodologies for its international team.

Morrisons logo


Customers stock their fridges more easily with Morrisons, Google Workspace, and Google Cloud Platform.

Moûtiers logo

Moûtiers: Keeping citizens safe and informed through an innovative approach to local government

Leading the way in local government, the town of Moûtiers is transforming its emergency response communications using Google Workspace and connecting more directly with citizens through livestreaming.


MullenLowe Group: Bringing creative minds together on Google Workspace

Advertising and marketing communications network MullenLowe Group has become more collaborative and agile by using Google Workspace across the organization, helping it to better serve its clients.

Mt. Hood in the background of Portland

Multnomah County: Keeping its employees connected using Google Workspace—on site or on the road

Since deploying Google Workspace a decade ago, Multnomah County’s operational efficiency has flourished due to a grassroots employee movement to collaborate in the cloud.


MyGate: Securing devices and data during rapid growth with Google Workspace, Chrome OS and Android Enterprise

With Google Workspace and Chrome OS, MyGate has implemented 60+ security features to protect sensitive corporate and customer data, and enabled collaboration between distributed teams during pandemic lockdowns.

myrepublic hero image

MyRepublic: Powering a lean, agile alternative to traditional telcos

Using Google Workspace, MyRepublic operates as an agile telecommunications provider that delivers competitive packages to consumers and businesses in several markets.

NewMotion employees evaluating data on screen

NewMotion: Powering an electric vehicle revolution with Google Workspace

NewMotion uses Google Workspace as a platform to grow its business and maintain the highest regulatory standards as it builds an electric vehicle network across Europe.

Nielsen Hero Image

Nielsen: Collaborating across 100 countries for better consumer insights

As part of a cloud-first strategy, Nielsen moved all its 56,000 users to Google Workspace in 6 months with help from Maven Wave, reducing IT support requirements and infrastructure travel costs by 20%.

Nielsen logo

Nielsen: Scores high ratings from users after deploying Google Workspace and Salesforce

• Created a cloud-based internal work environment with the flexibility of mobile access

Woman with surgical mask, lab coat, and gloves holds up a syringe at eye level

National Institute for Health Research: Forging a framework for world-class biomedical research

The NIHR built a digital hub on Google Workspace to transform its internal processes and efficiently coordinate the efforts of thousands of employees and partners across multiple locations and organizations.

nii holdings logo

NII Holdings: Standardizing on Google Workspace for savings and security

Simpler licensing, simpler management, lower costs: since moving to Google Workspace several years ago, South American telecommunications company NII has reaped the benefits of an increasingly cloud-based approach.

Nineleaps logo

Nineleaps: Improving collaboration and teamwork to efficiently create software solutions for companies

Enables one IT team member to support 500+ employees. Nineleaps enables seamless collaboration and communication for its employees through Google Workspace so they can focus on building software solutions that help global businesses thrive.

noberasco hero image

Noberasco: Sows the seeds for success with Google Workspace

Noberasco quickly adapts to changes, increasing efficiency and improving collaboration with Google Meet and Google Drive


Nordward: Uniting four brands on one platform to deliver on a shared sustainability mission

Nordward unites four seafood suppliers on Google Workspace, enabling 290 employees to collaborate across Scandinavia and deliver fresh seafood to customers using sustainable methods.


NTUC Enterprise: Keeping living costs sustainable for Singaporeans with better collaboration tools

NTUC Enterprise navigated the pandemic without interference to their daily workflow with Google Workspace, providing residents in Singapore affordable options for their daily needs.

Nubian Skin logo

Nubian Skin: Scaling more inclusive fashion with help from Google Workspace

Ade Hassan founded Nubian Skin in 2013 to give women of color lingerie and swimwear that matches their skin tones. She runs the business on Google Workspace.

O2 Care Services employee interacting with children

O2 Care Services: Using Google Meet to connect, collaborate, and keep caring

With Google Workspace, O2 Care Services is helping employees at its headquarters and in 320 agencies across France to work together, simplifying the switch to distance working during travel restrictions.

Ocado logo


"Google Enterprise solutions are playing a major, and expanding, role in helping us run such a time critical 24/7 operation across multiple sites."

Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction: Creating a secure virtual classroom

The Department of Rehabilitation and Correction updated its educational materials with Chromebooks and Google Workspace to provide students with a more flexible curriculum.

oic onlus hero image for web 960x415

OIC Onlus: Delivering better care with Google Chromebooks

Using Google Workspace and Google Chrome devices, a team of 4 at Italian healthcare non-profit OIC Onlus created a complete communications environment for 1,700 staff and 2,300 guests.

olx group hero image for web 960x415

OLX Group: Building a global community with Google Workspace

With Google Workspace and NextNovate, the OLX Group made collaboration on a global scale easier, faster, and more frequent, and brought its worldwide community together with a social hub.


OrangeTee: Using Google Workspace to help secure sensitive data and streamline document editing

OrangeTee improves uptime, security, document editing time, responsiveness, and user collaboration by moving to Google Workspace.


Origami: Accomodating a shift in business demands with easy-to-use Google communication tools

Origami speeds up the flow of communication between employees and customers with Google Workspace for its modern manufacturing workplace to meet the demand for quality tissue products worldwide.

Front of Ospedali Riuniti d'Ancora

Ospedali Riuniti di Ancona: Delivering first class healthcare around the clock with Google Workspace

With Google Workspace, Ospedali Riuniti di Ancona helps its staff stay connected and collaborate more effectively, while maintaining the highest standards of security.


OT Group: Delivering everyday consumables to millions of Indonesians with Google Workspace

By implementing Google Workspace, the OT Group is able to create a more collaborative work environment and easily pivot to new ways of work during the pandemic.

Financial transaction at Pegadaian

Pegadaian: Steering a digital transformation program toward workflow efficiency, with Google Workspace

Since migrating to Google Workspace, Pegadaian improves workflow efficiency, reduces travel costs, and is able to better compete with newer players in the financial services industry.


PGA of America: Seeing green with modernized collaboration

PGA of America migrated its communications suite to Google Workspace with the help of 66degrees to improve business performance through lower CapEx/OpEx spending and higher member engagement.

Picnic hero

Picnic: Delivering on its next-day promise with easy collaboration on Google Workspace

Consolidating cloud file storage under Google Workspace has enhanced collaboration across Picnic teams and generated savings in cost and IT management time.

PIK Group Hero Image

PIK Group: Building better workforce collaboration with Russia’s largest residential property developer

Using Google Workspace tools, PIK Group, Russia’s largest residential housing developer, has slashed planning times and transformed collaboration among its 7,000 employees.


Piramis: Connecting TLC with clients from north to south with a more personal touch

Piramis implements Google Workspace to encourage collaboration and reduce the need for travel around Italy thanks to Meet, increasing productivity and saving 30% on travel costs.

Popular hero image

POPULAR VEHICLES: Driving secure, seamless collaboration across the organization

Popular Vehicles achieved a more stable and secure platform, increasing team productivity across the company.


PrestaShop: Building a flexible “work-from-anywhere” culture with Google Workspace

The e-commerce solution PrestaShop was in need of an effective collaboration platform that could not only support its 250-person remote workforce, but also facilitate document ownership, employee onboarding, and user management. The company has integrated all of the core services of Google Workspace-from mail to file sharing-to meet its corporate and employee needs.

Deccan Herald logo

The Printers Mysore: Bringing 70 years of journalism tradition to the digital age with Google Workspace

To keep its position in the print media market while increasing its digital presence, publisher The Printers Mysore turns to Google Workspace to optimize its internal processes with collaborative tools.

Pulse Secure

Pulse Secure: Growing and protecting revenue with Google Cloud Platform Marketplace

To give its customers the fastest time to value on Google Cloud Platform, Pulse Secure makes its solutions available via GCP Marketplace.


Questrade Financial Group (QFG): Maintaining a people-focused company culture of care

Questrade needed faster, simpler, and more efficient collaboration tools that would enable its growing team of thousands to stay connected as the company expands through internal growth and new acquisitions.

Quimmco logo

Quimmco: Elevating team collaboration during a pandemic and beyond

Quimmco ensured business continuity during the pandemic by using Google Workspace to rapidly transition to a fully remote workforce without disruption.

Randstand hero image

Randstad: Applying HR expertise through Google Workspace features

Multinational recruitment company Randstad leverages Google Workspace tools worldwide to create game-changing efficiencies in everything from onboarding staff to producing annual assessments.

Rawson Properties hero image

Rawson Properties: Adding tech value for real estate franchisees

Rawson Properties implements Google Workspace to solve its server storage problems and improve its tech offering to its franchisees, with integrated productivity software and smoother collaboration.


Red Hat: Instant access to enterprise knowledge improves performance

Red Hat uses Google Workspace and Google Cloud to build and scale Shadowbot—its innovative, enterprise chat assistant. Shadowbot provides real-time answers to questions and improves efficiency and performance.

RedDoorz logo

RedDoorz: Boosting work productivity via collaborative and secure workspaces enabled by Google Workspace

Google Workspace enables RedDoorz to migrate 1,200 employees in four countries from using previous software to a centralized documents ecosystem in just eight weeks.

UnitedRelince building

RelianceUnited: Boosting productivity and patient experience, with Google Workspace and Google Cloud

RelianceUnited switched to Google Workspace to transform how employees work and collaborate. It migrates healthcare data and apps to Google Cloud to boost data security and simplify the patient experience.

Rentokil logo

Rentokil Initial

"Since switching to [Google Workspace], we’ve saved millions of pounds (£) on IT maintenance and several hundred thousand pounds by cutting the time spent on administrative tasks through using tools such as Google Docs, Sites and Forms."

Revolut revolutionizes the financial services industry to make money management easy and accessible for all

As Revolut strives to help more people achieve their financial goals, its global teams take advantage of Google Workspace to collaborate and launch new banking products quickly, without compromising on quality.

Sports car

RLE International

RLE International is migrating to Google Workspace and Google Cloud, building a flexible IT infrastructure to support collaboration across the globe and meet the needs of the modern auto industry.


Rovaniemi: Collaboration in the Finnish Arctic with Google Workspace

Rovaniemi used Google Workspace to make its workforce more collaborative, more mobile, and more efficient, marking the start of a cloud-based overhaul of the city’s IT infrastructure.

Royal Government of Bhutan seal

Royal Government of Bhutan: Enabling sustainable development and social well-being with Google Workspace

Bhutan boosted innovation and productivity, optimized resources, and enabled creative collaboration by deploying Google Workspace to all civil servants to improve quality of life in the Himalayan kingdom.


RSPCA: Rescuing animals with the help of Google Workspace

The RSPCA uses Google Workspace to help reduce the barriers to clear communication and collaboration as it works to improve the lives of animals across England and Wales.


RZB: Putting innovation and collaboration in the spotlight with Google Workspace

RZB implemented Google Workspace to optimize their digital processes and enable seamless communication and collaboration between its team and its customers around the globe

SADA logo

SADA Systems: Building a successful business on Google Cloud

SADA Systems has grown into a highly successful Google Cloud partner, helping enterprise and public sector customers improve productivity and collaboration, drive innovation, and reduce costs with Google Workspace and Google Cloud Platform.


SADA: Driving real transformation for thousands of global companies with Google Workspace

By building its business transformation services on Google Workspace, SADA helps companies across industries solve problems and realize benefits such as 67 percent faster workflows and improved security by customizing and extending their experiences with the Google Workspace Platform.

safetec hero image

Safetec: Helping customers thrive, grow, and save with Google Workspace

Safetec is helping customers of all sizes embrace the workplace of the future with digital transformation solutions, including Google Workspace.

Salesforce collaboration

Salesforce: Driving business and positive change through collaboration

Salesforce maintains its leadership role in business, philanthropy, and workplace satisfaction in part by leveraging Google Workspace for real-time collaboration among dispersed teams and partners.

Samudera Indonesia hero image

Samudera Indonesia: Consolidating email and enhancing collaboration with Google Workspace

Samudera Indonesia consolidated multiple email platforms onto Google Workspace, reducing email costs and enabling mobile access to productivity applications.

Sanmina hero image

Sanmina: Making collaboration a competitive advantage

By moving to Google Workspace, Sanmina achieved its initial goals to reduce costs and simplify management. It now leverages Google Workspace to improve global collaboration, empowering employees and embedding a cultural change that will drive competitive advantage.

Savoir Faire Ensemble Logo

Savoir Faire Ensemble: Building the fabric of COVID-19 protection with Google Workspace

Savoir Faire Ensemble helps overcome the shortage of protective gear during COVID-19, delivering more than 100 million masks and gowns by connecting 1,400+ textile businesses via Google Workspace.


Schnucks: Improving operational efficiency with seamless collaboration

By converting to Google Workspace, Schnucks increased productivity, offering managers additional time for customer service, while simultaneously improving security and reducing hardware and software spending.


Scienaptic: Safeguarding data assets with Google Workspace to drive the future of global credit

Scienaptic evaluated 45 million loan applications, boosted loan approvals by up to 40% with up to 25% credit loss reduction, and cut sensitive data leaks by a quarter with Google Workspace solutions.


SCL Health: Modernizing patient and provider experiences with advanced productivity and collaboration tools

SCL Health uses Google Workspace and works with partner SADA to optimize patient and provider experiences through more secure, efficient, and integrated productivity and collaboration tools.

The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company

The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company: Planting a cloud-based future

The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company trims costs and boosts employee collaboration with Google Workspace and Google Cloud Platform solutions that promote work mobility, productivity, and innovation


SDIS 41: Providing Loir-et-Cher's volunteer firefighters with equal access to collaborative tools

Google Workspace Frontline enables SDIS 41 to extend Google Workspace to its 1,625 volunteers, communicating more effectively with all its firefighters, and simplifying administrative and support tasks.

Seeff Properties

Seeff Properties: Building better communications with Google Workspace

The real estate experts at Seeff consolidate an international network of more than 220 franchise operations with easily deployable Google Workspace tools for easy uptake and remote management.


SGAG: Creating engaging content to put a smile on Singaporean faces

SGAG uses Google Workspace to collaborate with the wider team and its clients daily to deliver timely and engaging content that appeal to Singaporeans across a range of social media platforms.

Shaw Industries logo

Shaw Industries

"When we need to collaborate with other countries... the miles between us don't matter as much anymore."
Sheboygan Hero Image

Sheboygan County: Embracing new tools for county responsiveness

Sheboygan County is using Google Workspace for improved scalability and mobility, part of a comprehensive, cost-effective strategy to boost staff collaboration and productivity for better public services.


Impress: Digitizing the orthodontics experience with secure collaboration on Google Workspace

Impress adopts Google Workspace to strengthen its security, delivering a digital orthodontics experience to patients around the world while safeguarding their data from breaches.

sompo insurance hero image

Sompo Insurance (Hong Kong): Expanding into retail insurance business

Using Google Workspace, Sompo Insurance (Hong Kong) streamlined and modernised traditional working practices and reduced the administration load on its IT team.

Sony hero image

Sony Pictures Imageworks: Making cinematic magic through modern collaboration

Sony Pictures Imageworks stays on the bleeding edge of productivity and collaboration through adopting Google Workspace with support from partner SADA.


Southern Cross Care (SA, NT & VIC) Inc: Transforming the aged care experience with Google Cloud and Google Workspace

With Google Cloud, Southern Cross Care is undertaking a digital transformation that improves efficiencies in critical areas such as shift assignment, email access and audit and compliance, and enables the organization to overcome disruptive challenges such as residential aged care visitation restrictions during the pandemic.

SPH hero

Singapore Press Holdings: Going paperless and generating efficiencies with Google Workspace and Google Cloud

Singapore Press Holdings embarked on a digital transformation journey, including the creation of a paperless office and streamlined corporate application development with Google Workspace and AppSheet


SproutLoud: Transforming channel marketing with cloud IT

SproutLoud uses Google Workspace and partner Dialpad to transform enterprise collaboration across its business, leading to more data-driven, consistent services for its corporate customers and employees.

State of Arizona

State of Arizona: Enhancing productivity and security with cloud collaboration

The State of Arizona improves productivity and security with Google Workspace, migrating 36,000 employees and contractors with help from SADA and saving millions of dollars over the next 3 years.


State of Guanajuato: Improving fiscal audit efficiency with Google Workspace automation

The State of Guanajuato connected more than 150 official audit forms and documents with Google Workspace automation, cutting audit timelines by 35%, increasing audit capacity and revenues collected.

StreetSmart: Ferrara family

Insurance agency StreetSmart modernizes its family business with Google Workspace

Carlo Ferrara thought his father’s agency, StreetSmart Insurance, was held back by outdated business software. Google Workspace helped reduce paperwork and improve customer service.


Supr Daily: Empowering teams to streamline processes and improve morning grocery deliveries with AppSheet

Supr Daily fulfills its mission to deliver fresh dairy and groceries to households across India with the support of AppSheet and Google Workspace.

Thai Credit Guarantee Corporation-logo

TCG: Streamlining loan approval processes with team collaboration on Google Workspace to help more SMEs receive funding

Since upgrading to Google Workspace Business edition, TCG improves employee collaboration across locations on Meet and speeds up secure document sharing on Drive so SMEs can get financing.

team olivia hero image

Team Olivia: Creating cost-efficient collaboration with Google Workspace

Team Olivia created new cost-efficient office environments for more than 60 companies at over 200 locations with simple collaboration tools in Google Workspace.

Teréga heroimage

Teréga: Designing a productivity platform for better collaboration and mobility

Teréga uses Google Workspace to streamline its collaboration, break down departmental silos, and build a truly mobile productivity platform that workers could use any time, any place, on any device.

The FA logo

The FA: Transforming the world’s oldest football association

The FA is an iconic British institution responsible for overseeing all aspects of football in the UK, from the grassroots club level across the country to the national teams who play at Wembley.

The Roche Group logo

The Roche Group

"[Google Workspace] will allow our employees to focus on what matters most - saving patients' lives."
Thirdware office lobby

Thirdware: Unifying 25 years of knowledge to give technology services a competitive advantage

Thirdware reduces IT complexity, lays the foundation for knowledge management, and improves security by integrating Google Workspace with other cloud platforms and applying its single sign-on feature.


Thoughtworks: Delivering Software Solutions from the Cloud to Clients

Thoughtworks maintains operations without interruption during the COVID-19 pandemic, thanks to Google Workspace and a cloud-first strategy that supports collaboration across its entire workforce.


Toho Gas: Creating a safe mobile work environment and gaining foothold to a broader DX business expansion

Toho Gas Co., Ltd.(Toho Gas) adopted Google Workspace to promote mobile work, resulting in improved security and reduced costs, and plans to further utilize tools within the company to promote DX.

Toolquip & Allied hero image

Toolquip & Allied: Choosing the right collaborative tools for the job

Toolquip & Allied implement Google Workspace to help improve internal communication, speed processes, and work more collaboratively using Drive, enabling employees to access files remotely.


Tradebridge: Connecting three businesses with one cloud culture

Using Google Workspace tools, South African secure messaging expert Tradebridge is creating a more efficient, cloud-based, collaborative work culture, from its central offices to remote mining outposts.


TransContainer: Saving time and money to build a better workforce with Google Workspace

Google Workspace helped TransContainer to improve its workflow and build a collaborative, engaged workforce across Europe and Asia.

Transworld Group Singapore logo

Transworld Group Singapore: Improving communication between customers and employees to speed up container shipping

Reduces 80% of mail-related IT support. Transworld Group Singapore migrates to Google Workspace to enable easier communication among employees and improve collaboration anywhere, from any device.


Travis Perkins PLC transforms the workspace and embraces a digital future

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Travis Perkins PLC widened the use of Google Workspace to help keep the business running, expand its training programs, and then move to a permanent hybrid working environment.


Treebo Hotels: Transforming India's budget hotel experience with a pioneering digital platform

Treebo Hotels developed pioneering hospitality management software, reduced time needed to onboard hotels by 80%, and achieved 90% improvement in customer service response time with Google Workspace.


Trondheim Kommune: Working smarter, easier, and together in the cloud

Trondheim’s municipal employees connect, create, and collaborate in the office and in the field with Google Workspace, improving efficiency, mobility.


TrueCar: Making work a smooth drive

TrueCar is a leading digital automotive marketplace, connecting sellers with potential buyers and providing information such as historical sale price trends. The company wanted to take a browser-based approach to its office productivity tools, emphasizing scalability, efficiency, and improved security by moving away from on-premises software.


Twinkl: Getting top marks for global growth with Google Workspace and Hire by Google

Twinkl uses Google Workspace and Hire by Google so its global workforce can work from anywhere with low startup costs, saving time and money by integrating its recruitment system and streamlining processes.

Unify hero image

Unify: Uniting top online brands on one collaboration platform

Unify successfully brought the companies behind France’s top websites together onto one communications platform in just two months, despite legacy systems and the COVID-19 lockdown.


Veolia Australia and New Zealand: Improving employee collaboration, mobility and security more effectively with technology

With Google Workspace and Chromebooks, Veolia Australia and New Zealand has implemented secure collaboration and productivity, supporting remote and mobile working that’s aligned with a global cloud-based computing model.

vichy catalan corporation hero image 960 x 415

Vichy Catalan Corporation rejuvenates its workforce with more than mineral water

“Switching to the cloud helped make work more human. Thanks to Google Workspace’s excellent security provisions, teams work from desktops, laptops, phones and tablets."

Vidio: Innovating the future of video streaming for Indonesia with Google Workspace

Vidio gained a 218 percent increase in daily active users for sporting content, halved app release time from  one month to two weeks and enabled creative brainstorms for more than 100 team members with Google Workspace.

Man with manufacturing equipment

Viessmann: Promoting global collaboration to build tomorrow’s sustainable energy solutions

Viessmann adopts Google Workspace to enable 11,000 employees to securely work anywhere, anytime, from any device, and collaborate on sustainable energy solutions on a global scale.

virgin active hero image

Virgin Active: Building a culture of collaboration with Google Workspace

Google Workspace helped Virgin Active to overcome its geographical dispersion, providing employees with all the tools they need to improve communication and collaboration, across all levels of the business.


Vonage: Driving productivity and sales through digital transformation

By connecting Google Workspace with Salesforce, Prodoscore, and its own unified communications platform, Vonage has improved sales practices, productivity, and internal collaboration among employees, while enhancing engagement with customers for deeper relationships and optimized B2B sales.


Wayfair: Furnishing personalized online buying experiences through cloud collaboration

Wayfair uses Google Workspace to better connect its team members as they work together to deliver seamless buying experiences for customers across channels.

weiss + appetito hero image

Weiss + Appetito: Matching mobility with peace of mind

Using Drive File Stream to migrate to Google Drive, Switzerland-based multinational construction group Weiss + Appetito deployed Google Workspace, enhanced security, and saved over 30% in annual IT costs.

Whirlpool logo


"[Google Workspace] is a simple solution in many ways, but the features are actually very sophisticated, enabling us to surround our business processes with the right tools to connect people."
Woolworths logo


As one of Australia and New Zealand's most innovative retailers, we're always looking for ways we can use technology to give our customers more convenient ways to shop; whether that's in store, from the comfort of their computer at home, or on the move via our smartphone apps.

Xero logo

Xero: Delivering communications and collaboration at scale with Google Workspace including Google Meet hardware

Xero is committed to collaboration and communication across the business, with the support of solutions like Google Workspace and Meet hardware, where team members can edit documents at the same time and tap into video conference-equipped meeting rooms at offices across the business.

York Risk Services logo

York: Behind every good outcome

York reduces risk and drives high-quality results clients can see and feel by using Google Workspace as its primary solution for collaboration and productivity.

zalora hero image

ZALORA: Supporting sustainable, secure business expansion with Google Workspace

Leveraging Google Workspace for nearly 10 years, ZALORA swiftly establishes a hybrid workplace model during COVID-19 while continuing expanding business quickly and sustainably.