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Team meeting in a conference room
Team meeting in a conference room

Keep pace with evolving regulation

Advanced data residency controls enable customers to proactively apply digital sovereignty best practices and comply with evolving regulatory legislation. With Assured Controls, you can leverage all of the tools you need to meet your desired compliance and sovereignty posture.

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Control your data location

  • Select the region for your data to be processed (global, EU, US or multiple) with Data Regions

  • Apply Local Data Storage to maintain your data in a Google Cloud storage Bucket in the  country of your choice 

  • More control over data location, access and encryption

Admin UI for data regions
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Ensure only authorized parties can access your data

  • Address sovereignty and security without requiring separate cloud instances or custom software.

  • Google’s cloud-only architecture and secure-by-design infrastructure can reduce security risks by eliminating dependence on data storage on user devices, desktop client apps, and on-premises servers.

Granular controls over data access for administrators

  • Access Management allows administrators to select the physical location from which Google support teams can access organizational data to take support actions

  • Client-side encryption provides you with complete control over data access, ensuring privacy from Google and 3rd parties/cloud providers.

Data regions UI included in Enterprise plans

“Regionalized data processing is central to Airbus’ compliance strategy. When data isn’t regionalized or is handled by other technology providers; it’s a risk for Europe, it’s a risk for the nation, and it’s a risk for Airbus. It’s a risk that we can’t afford. So, we have migrated approximately 270,000 users to regionalized data processing while maintaining the same functionality Workspace has always offered, with no reported impact to end-users, so we are able to be more productive and innovative. We control our most sensitive data with encryption keys owned by Airbus, which is only possible with Client-side encryption in Google Workspace.”

Sebastien Aubineau, IM Digital Workspace and Collaboration Product Leader, Airbus

Top questions about data regions

Will I be able to choose multiple regions for my domain?

Data Regions offers both the US and the EU as storage and processing locations, with flexibility to select multiple regions per organization and to change locations.

How will data regions help me?

Data regions helps customers store and process their data in a region of their choice, to proactively comply with evolving local or industry regulation, or client requirements to keep data within a specific part of the world.

Which services and data are covered?

Data regions covers primary data at rest for Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Chat, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, Vids, Vault, Sites, Forms, and Keep, and data processing for Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Chat, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, Vids and Vault.

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