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Generative AI for presentations

Transform ideas into presentations with help from AI. Use Gemini in Slides to generate an outline, add speaker notes, create custom visuals, and more.

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To get Gemini for Google Workspace, you need an existing Workspace plan.

Gemini creates an image from a prompt with ‘help me visualize’, shown with man at computer

What is an AI generated presentation?

An AI-generated presentation is a slide deck created with help from artificial intelligence, used to tell a story and information in a concise, highly visual format. Presentations are made to engage with your audience and spark conversation. Generative AI can be a helpful thought partner in building a compelling slide deck. With Gemini in Slides you can use generative AI to create original images, add speaker notes and talking tracks, and transform existing documents into new slide presentations.

How to use Gemini in Slides

With Gemini in Slides, you can create images, generate new slides, summarize a presentation, write or rewrite content, and reference your Drive files or Gmail emails as you write or create a new slide.

You can access Gemini in Slides, with the Gemini for Workspace add-on, by clicking the Ask Gemini icon. Once the icon is clicked, you can either select a suggested prompt or compose your own unique prompt to help you quickly generate and fine-tune your presentation.

AI prompts to help you create impactful presentations

Generate inspiration for your blog

You are a content marketing manager and you need to generate creative imagery to accompany the copy you wrote for a blog. You open a new Google Slide and you prompt Gemini in Slides by selecting Create image with Gemini. You type:

Create an image of a plane flying above the clouds over mountains and rivers during sunrise that I can use in the marketing campaign to promote my travel company.

Conduct fundraising and investor relations

You are an entrepreneur working on a pitch deck to conduct fundraising for your company. You need to create a slide explaining your business model. You open Google Slides and select Create a Slide with Gemini. You type:

Create a slide that summarizes the value propositions, customer segments, channels, customer relationships, revenue streams, key resources, and key activities for [company].

Gemini in Slides creating a slide based on April Product launch, shown with a man and a woman looking at a laptop.

How Gemini in Slides can help you craft presentations

Generate slide ideas and outlines

Are you struggling to build a slide deck even though you have a concept in mind? Use Gemini in Slides to transform your ideas into engaging presentation decks. With Gemini in Slides, you can easily create slides from scratch or use existing information from Drive files or Gmail emails. For instance, you can ask Gemini in Slides to create a slide summarizing a product launch plan or visualizing a production process based on an existing document. Gemini in Slides makes it easy to generate high-quality slides with minimal effort.

Fine tune your presentation content

Get help tailoring your presentation. Use Gemini in Slides to transform your initial content into a more compelling narrative. Gemini in Slides can also help you generate speaker notes for individual slides or provide an executive summary for your presentation. Ask Gemini in Slides to create agenda slides or make messaging more concise throughout your presentation. Need help crafting an on-brand elevator pitch to sum up your deck? Gemini in Slides can help with that, too!

Design with AI-generated visuals

The right visuals can impact your presentation. Click Ask Gemini and enter a prompt to Create an image or Suggest images for this slide. Gemini in Slides uses the context of a slide to generate charts and graphs to illustrate information in a visually appealing way. You can also add your own prompt, and Ask Gemini in Slides to create custom images to make your slides more engaging.

Collaborate efficiently

As a thought partner, you can use Gemini in Slides to quickly extract relevant information that can be used in your presentation. Gemini in Slides can help quickly summarize conversations in Chat, Gmail, and reference files in Drive to create slides. You can also tap Gemini in Slides to generate summaries, add speaker notes, and ensure everyone is working in-sync before it’s time to present. Your team can help improve Gemini in Slide's output by giving feedback on suggestions to polish your presentation.

Considerations and best practices

Gemini in Slides can help you create decks faster, simplifying the process and giving you more time to devote to other pressing tasks. Generative AI is constantly evolving, getting better and more efficient over time. However, it’s important to keep AI best practices in mind to be sure its output is factually correct.

Fact checking & editing

Read and review your deck before presenting to catch any errors. If your deck includes any medical, legal, or financial advice, be sure to review carefully and share with your organization’s legal team to ensure no false claims have been made.

Maintaining control

Gemini in Slides lets you give feedback on generated output. If a suggestion is inaccurate, click Good suggestion or Bad suggestion to the bottom right of the text or image suggestion. You can also add additional feedback to help Gemini in Slides improve output and future suggestions. As part of Google’s policy, enterprise end users are informed before submitting feedback that feedback data shouldn’t contain personal, sensitive, or confidential information.

Audience awareness

Gemini in Slides can help you capture your audience’s attention while minimizing the tedious work involved in creating a compelling deck. When crafting prompts, tell Gemini in Slides who your audience is to help tailor output.

Frequently asked questions

  • Benefits include saving time on presentation outlines and design and creating professional-looking images without design expertise.

  • Gemini in Slides can create images, generate new slides, summarize a presentation, write or rewrite content, and reference your Drive files or Gmail emails as you write or create a new slide.

  • AI-powered Image Suggestions through Gemini in Slides is available to users on work accounts through the Google Workspace Gemini Enterprise and Gemini Business add-ons, and to users on personal accounts through Google One AI Premium.

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