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Beyond the prompt: Part 5 — How marketers can conquer the blank page using Gemini for Workspace

May 16, 2024
The Google Workspace Team

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Welcome back to Beyond the prompt, our blog series focused on actionable tips to get the most out of Gemini for Google Workspace. 

If you’re a marketer, chances are you’ve stared at a blank page hoping that inspiration for a new campaign or blog post will strike. Let’s explore just one way you can conquer the blank page using Gemini for Google Workspace as your sounding board.

Say goodbye to writers block using Gemini for Workspace

Imagine the following scenario: You work for a travel company as the content marketing manager for the blog channel. You need to kick-start the brainstorming process for a new post. You decide to gather ideas by collaborating with Gemini at gemini.google.com. You type:

I need blog post topics that would be interesting for people passionate about travel and the tourism industry. Here’s what I want you to focus on: Make the topics unique. There are lots of tourism blogs out there — let’s come up with fresh angles that would stand out. Keep the topics relevant. Tap into current trends or recent challenges/innovations within the tourism industry when brainstorming. I’d like each topic to include:

Target audience: Who would this topic specifically appeal to?

Content outline: A few bullet points with the main ideas the blog post would discuss.

Call to action: Suggest one way to engage the reader at the end of the post. 

Gemini generates blog ideas in seconds.

You love the initial ideas you were able to create. You select Share & export and then Export to Docs. Once you open the new Google Doc, you highlight the first bullet point from your preferred outline. You prompt Gemini in Docs by selecting Help me write. You type:

Turn this bullet point into an intro paragraph for a blog post. Keep the tone upbeat and casual.

Gemini in Docs returns a suggested intro paragraph

Gemini in Docs returns a suggested intro paragraph for your blog, and now that you have a starting place, you’re able to use the output to begin editing and tailoring the content for your audience and brand. Nice work! To learn how to generate imagery to accompany your blog, revisit our post with foundational prompting guidance.

As always, remember to review all outputs from Gemini for Workspace to ensure relevancy, accuracy, and clarity. Generative AI is meant to help humans, but the final output is yours. 

Can’t wait for the next post in the series? Download the Prompting guide 101 ebook and get started with Gemini for Workspace today. Want to share with your sales colleagues? Check out our last post to learn how sales professionals can use Gemini for Workspace to help fuel communication, research, and relationship building with their customers. 

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