Google Workspace security whitepaper

How Google Workspace protects your data


The protection of your data is a primary design consideration for all of Google’s infrastructure, products and personnel operations. We believe that Google can offer a level of protection that very few public cloud providers or private enterprise IT teams can match.

Google designed Google Workspace to meet stringent privacy and security standards based on industry best practices. Google has strong contractual commitments regarding data ownership, data use, security, transparency, and accountability. These commitments ensure you maintain control over your data and how it is processed, including the assurance that your data is not used for advertising or any purpose other than to deliver Google Cloud services. In addition, we give you the tools you need to help meet your compliance and reporting requirements.

Furthermore, because protecting data is core to Google Workspace, we can make extensive investments in security, resources and expertise at a scale that others cannot. Our investment frees you to focus on your business and innovation. Google’s operations and collaboration with the security research community also enable us to address vulnerabilities quickly or prevent them entirely.

For these reasons and more, over six million organizations across the globe trust Google with their most valuable asset: their information. Google will continue to invest in Google Workspace to allow you to benefit from our services in a secure and transparent manner.