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by referring
Google Workspace

Recommend Gmail, Google Meet, and more to your friends, and we’ll reward you for the new users you refer.

How it Works



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Get a cash reward for the eligible users you refer.

doneEarn for up to 200 new Google Workspace users per year. United States rates:

doneRewards are per new user. Earn for up to 100 users per account you refer.

doneGive your referred users savings on their first year.

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Referral FAQ

In which countries/regions is the Referral Program available?

The Referral Program is available in the following countries:

Country or Region Reward per User
Argentina up to USD $18
Brazil up to USD $17
Canada up to CAD $29
Chile up to USD $21
Colombia up to USD $21
Mexico up to USD $20
Peru up to USD $18
United States up to USD $23
Australia up to AUD $29
Hong Kong up to HKD $162
India up to USD $17
Japan up to JPY ¥2,550
Country or Region Reward per User
New Zealand up to NZD $31
Singapore up to SGD $28
Belgium up to EUR €20
France up to EUR €20
Germany up to EUR €20
Ireland up to EUR €20
Italy up to EUR €18
Netherlands up to EUR €20
Portugal up to EUR €18
Spain up to EUR €20
United Arab Emirates up to USD $23
United Kingdom up to GBP £17

Where can I find my referral link?

When you join the program, you will receive an email with your referral link.

How much can I earn?

You earn a one time reward for every new user that you refer, up to 100 users per referred account and up to 200 users per year. The reward amount depends on the edition of Google Workspace that the user selects, as listed in the commission table.

How does the promotion code discount work?

When you join the program, we’ll send you an email with your referral link and promotion codes so your referrals can save on their first year. Each promotion code can only be used by one referral. You will be eligible to receive up to 100 promotion codes each year. Promotion codes cannot be posted publicly. They must be distributed to each referral on an individual basis.

What’s the difference between the Referral Program and the Affiliate Program?

The Referral Program is best for those looking to refer up to 99 users per year. The Affiliate Program is designed for higher volume referrers (those who refer at least 100 users per year). Those who fit the qualifications of the Affiliate Program will receive additional perks beyond what the Referral Program offers, like higher commission rates for each new user referred, 1:1 account support, promotional resources, and more. Not sure which program to join? See this comparison table or fill out our program selector to help.

For more information, see all FAQs, terms, or contact us.