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Google Workspace helps human resources teams attract, onboard, and retain top talent

Build a flexible, innovative culture, every step of the way, and boost productivity with generative AI features when you add Gemini for Workspace.

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“Knowing that more and more prospective employees are already familiar with Google Workspace is a big win for them, it helps demonstrate our commitment to innovation.”

Dave Steck, Vice President of Development and IT Infrastructure, Schnucks


How business leaders spend less time on low priority tasks and more time building their team with Google Workspace

Streamline common HR workflows in your organization

Attract new and diverse talent

Join the 3 billion people and the workforce of tomorrow already using Google Workspace

Provide an intuitive user experience with apps people know and love

Facilitate interviews with easy-to-join video calls in Google Meet

Break down geographic barriers and empower people to work together from anywhere

Attract talent

Streamline onboarding and training

Welcome new hires and help them get to work faster

Host an interactive Google Meet video call for new employees with breakout rooms and Q&A

Accelerate the onboarding process with Google Sheets and AppSheet

Launch an internal site for access to HR forms, checklists and benefits

Streamline image

Unlock generative AI for your Human Resources team

Improve collaboration and execution with Gemini for Workspace, which can help:

Improve the video interview experience with enhanced image and sound in Meet so your recruiters always sound and look professional

Generate job descriptions in seconds in Docs, freeing up time for the team to source and recruit the right candidates

Automatically create trackers in Sheets for contacts, interviews, trainings, and other work streams from simple prompts

Person on Google Meet meeting uses Gemini for Workspace to generate a science fiction background.

Integrate with tools your team already uses

Work seamlessly across business apps without leaving Google Workspace

Customize workflows and reduce busy work

Leverage AppSheet and Apps Script to empower human resources teams to spend less time on tedious tasks and more time driving impact

Customize workflows

How it's done at millions of companies around the world

Loved by billions, including tomorrow's workforce, Google Workspace gives your HR teams a better way to connect, create, and collaborate.

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