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Create a business email address to stand out

A custom email domain helps your business look more professional and stand out from the competition. With Gmail and Google Workspace, you can easily create a professional address for your business.

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Join over three billion monthly active users on the world's most popular productivity platform.

Time for a professional email address? With Workspace and Gmail, it's easy to set up an @yourbusiness email. Plus, you gain access to a full suite of business productivity and collaboration tools.

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Business email basics

How to set up your business email account

Sign up for Google Workspace

Use at no cost for the first 14 days. Then, you can choose a plan to suit your business needs.

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Connect or buy your domain name

It's easy to connect a domain. When signing up, Workspace will help you find registrars to purchase a domain or connect an existing one.

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Create all your email addresses

Set up email addresses for employees and aliases like sales@yourcompany. Then you're ready to activate Gmail.

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Benefits of business Gmail

A custom email address through Gmail is better for business

Stay safe with advanced security

All business Gmail accounts come with features like two-factor authentication and phishing protection (Gmail blocks 99.9% of attacks before they happen) to help keep your users safe.

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Includes extra email storage

Store all your work emails and files with more storage in a business Gmail account than what you get with a personal account.

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Manage employee access as your business grows

From one employee to hundreds, Gmail can grow with you. Easily add or remove employees and manage their email access across devices.

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Make it your own

Customise your business Gmail account with your own logo and branding, so it looks and feels like part of your business. Create custom branded email layouts and personalise messaging with mail merge.

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A couple in a café ordering from a waiter using a tablet. The image is bordered by a Gmail icon and a 2-Step Verification alert.

Business email FAQ

Learn more about creating and maintaining your business email address.

  • Standard Google Workspace plans require a subscription to access premium features such as ad-free Gmail at a custom company domain, 24/7 support, enhanced Gmail and Google Drive storage and more.

  • Gmail uses industry-leading security measures to protect business data and block more than 99.9% of spam, phishing and malware from reaching users. Gmail also uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) to encrypt emails in transit. Learn more.

  • Yes, you can use a personal Gmail account for business. However, there are several benefits to using a business email address. Learn more.

  • For one-person businesses and 'solopreneurs' without the need for a custom domain, try Google Workspace Individual. If you just need to link an existing business email address, sign up for the Workspace plan that fits your business.

  • The Google Workspace Individual subscription plan offers one-person businesses and 'solopreneurs' premium features without the need for a custom email domain. Learn more.

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