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  • What’s included with Google Workspace (formerly G Suite)?

    Similar to G Suite, all Google Workspace plans provide a custom email for your business and include collaboration tools like Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Chat, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Sites, and more. For additional details, visit our plans and pricing page.

  • What is Duet AI and where can I learn more about it?

    Duet AI is a powerful collaboration partner that can act as a coach, source of inspiration, and productivity booster — all while helping to ensure every user and organization has control over their data. Please visit our Duet AI page to learn more.

  • Which Google Workspace plan is right for my business?

    We have a variety of plans that are designed to meet your unique business needs. To learn more about the various options, find a plan that fits your business needs on our plans and pricing page.

  • Can my company try Google Workspace before committing?

    Absolutely. All plans feature a free 14-day trial, so you can start to see the value of Workspace before signing up. Click here to start your free trial.

  • How do I sign up for Google Workspace?

    If you’re a business with less than 300 employees, you can get started online today. Companies with more than 300 employees can contact sales to learn more about our enterprise plans.

  • What is the difference between G Suite and Google Workspace?

    As we’ve evolved G Suite into a more integrated experience across our communication and collaboration tools, we’ve rebranded to Google Workspace to more accurately represent the product vision.

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