Top 5 proven strategies for healthcare in the cloud

Fast, efficient and compliant technology with Google Workspace

It can be tough to provide the quick, seamless services patients want along with the privacy and security that regulations like HIPAA require. These top 5 tips underscore real-world examples of how leading healthcare organizations address both demands as they streamline operations, improve the patient experience, and make mobile healthcare easier with Google Cloud's cloud-based collaboration solutions.

1. Secure access to patient information while enforcing HIPAA compliance

When Omada Health needed a HIPAA-compliant way to let its health coaches manage health programs and participants from the field, they chose Google Chromebooks. Using the management console, Omada limits logins to healthcare coaches only and configures the Chromebooks to automatically delete local data when users log off. Now, even if a Chromebook is lost or stolen, data won’t fall into the wrong hands.

To create your own secure file-sharing solution, start by implementing mobile device management and device-level encryption with Android or Chromebooks. Then, create a single HIPAA-compliant Google Drive repository to store all your documentation. Simple as that, authorized employees can securely access patient information from any corporate-managed device.

Supplying health coaches with Chromebooks is the simplest, most cost-effective way we’ve found to provide easy yet secure access to program information.

—Andrew DiMichele, Co-founder and CTO, Omada Health

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Cost-effective, easy, and secure healthcare management with Google Chromebooks

2. Improve the patient experience with fast, simple service runs an online directory that connects millions of patients with healthcare practitioners across America. To help make the best match, provides participating clinics with Google Chromebooks so patients can input reviews from right inside the doctor’s office. And how do doctors make a great impression? Google helps with that, too. When patients arrive at your office, start by having them fill out an online Google Form at a Chromebook kiosk. Their information will go straight into Google Sheets where doctors and nurses can add administrative information during the visit. Staff members will see the updates in real time, so they can follow up with patients immediately. And patients can fill out an online feedback survey in Forms before they leave, helping your office continually improve the customer experience.

We could have used any number of devices, but Chromebooks were, by far, the most cost-efficient, patient-friendly and secure devices out there.

—Andrei Zimiles, Co-founder and CEO,

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3. Create a single information hub to easily organize and access important updates and documents

When Middlesex Hospital in Connecticut needed innovative work tools to match its cutting-edge health technology, it turned to Google Workspace. Now, more than 3,000 employees count on Google Workspace for easy and powerful collaboration. They especially appreciate their Google Sites intranet portal, which integrates all their important calendars, documents and websites in one place.

Google makes it easy to create a centralized employee information hub. Simply move all your internal communication, announcements, policy updates and training materials to Google Drive, then link to them from an easy-to-build Google Sites website. Now your organization has a one-stop destination for all important information, which any employee (or just a select group) can access anytime, from any device.

We decided on Google because it best met our needs and vision of the future.

—Lud Johnson, CIO, Middlesex Hospital

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4. Make mobile healthcare easier

Medically complex kids thrive best at home, so that’s where Pediatric Home Service goes to treat them. Google Workspace makes it easier by giving the clinicians secure real-time access to patient records from anywhere. They can update charts, file reports and check medication lists and treatments right from a patient’s home.

If you provide ongoing in-home or hospice care, Google Workspace can make that easier, too. For increased productivity, track patient information in Google Docs or Sheets, which are automatically stored in the secure Google Drive. Keep diagnoses, charts, test results and other patient files in Drive, too, so authorized users can access and update all of them from anywhere using a laptop, tablet or smartphone. To cut back on travel, use Google Hangout video calls to meet with remote patients face to face.

We looked at several options and quickly realized moving to Google Workspace would be the most secure, scalable and cost-effective solution for our growing organization.

—Rick Mueller, IT Manager, Pediatric Home Service

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Pediatric Home Service nurse providing an in-home patient health care to a little girl

5. Ensure collaboration and consistency at scale

The Roche Group, a leading research-based pharmaceutical and diagnostics company, has been bringing life-saving products to patients around the globe for nearly 120 years. When older business apps became an obstacle to collaboration, the company turned to Google Workspace to keep their innovation going strong. Now, Roche’s 90,000 employees use Google’s Gmail, shared Calendar and other collaboration tools to work better together in real time from 140 countries worldwide.

Because Google Workspace is in the cloud, it’s easy to get new employees up and running when they join your organization. You simply add them from your admin panel—and never have to wait for your IT infrastructure to catch up. With Google Workspace, you're good to grow.

When we evaluated new cloud-based solutions, Roche’s Corporate Executive Committee was impressed with the outstanding service and rapid innovation of Google Workspace.

—Dr. Alan Hippe, CFO and CIO, Roche Group

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