Google Workspace expands identity services with SAML and OIDC to connect apps securely

Millions of businesses rely on Google to be smart about how we protect employee logins to Google Workspace services like Google Drive and Gmail. Today we're making it easier to use that smart account security by giving employees secure single sign on access to a wider set of SaaS and custom-built apps on desktop and mobile devices. We’re enhancing our OpenID Connect (OIDC) Identity Provider support that can already be used with many SaaS apps in the Google Workspace Marketplace, and adding support for SAML 2.0 (Security Assertion Markup Language) for more than 15 popular SaaS providers. We’re also making it easy for admins to add new custom SAML app integrations.

New custom SAML app integrations

These single sign-on options help us address the growing demand for a central cloud based identity service and customers like Netflix are using Google’s identity services to make it easy for their employees to sign in to services.

At Netflix we leveraged Google’s OpenID Connect standards support as part of our migration to a 100% cloud based single sign on solution.

—Justin Slaten, Manager, Enterprise Technology & Client Systems at Netflix

Google's identity services provide even more security on mobile when combined with Google Workspace enterprise mobile management controls like password strength, lock screen requirements and app management. These can work in tandem with the increasing number of mobile security options, from hardware such as fingerprint readers, to software such as Google’s Smart Lock.

Google’s Smart Lock

Our Google Smart Lock features are available to all Google Accounts including those used at work. And we provide identity services and mobile management as part of Google Workspace at no additional cost.

Google Workspace identity service has made single sign on to services we use every day like Salesforce and Zendesk much easier for end users, who save an hour per month; our support team, which has seen a 25% reduction in support tickets; and our IT team, which spends 20% less time on troubleshooting.

—Vadmin Solovey, Founder & CTO, DoIT International

Developers who don’t yet use single sign on to Google Accounts for work can follow our API guides in the Google Identity Platform documentation to enable these new features.

Want to learn more about best practices in this space? Read our Identity whitepaper.

Google Identity Services for work
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Google Workspace expands identity services

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