The Total Economic Impactâ„¢ of Google Workspace

An Analysis of Cloud-to-Cloud Migration Value

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In February 2016, independent research firm Forrester Consulting conducted a study commissioned by Google to quantify the value of Google Workspace. The study reveals the Total Economic Impact (TEI) and potential Return on Investment (ROI) for companies migrating to Google Workspace from an alternate cloud solution.

213 ROI result from switching to Google Workspace

Intuitive solutions for collaborative gains

With a simple licensing plan and the ability to collaborate in real time from any connected device, switching to Google Workspace results in nearly $1 million in collaboration and productivity gains over a three-year period for the composite customer.

TEI cost savings by year graph

, an Italian network of home improvement stores, switched to Google Workspace to:

Reduce costs by eliminating hardware upgrades and additional license fees.

Allow for effortless access across devices, in and outside of its network of nearly 100 stores.

Share real-time knowledge through Google Drive and Sites, so the company can focus on what really matters: it’s customers.

Quote image from Bricocenter’s chief technology officer

Global media company has already saved hundreds of hours this year by switching to Google Workspace.

Before: 24 hours to conduct an interview, create a finished piece and publish the post

After: 1-2 hours to get it all done using Google Workspace

Adoption and engagement

Employees aren’t just quickly adopting the platform, they’re using and engaging with it in more collaborative and quantifiable ways than before.

Forrester reports that this increase in platform engagement — also referred to as product usage efficiency — results in:

Enablement of new processes and efficiencies illustration

Enablement of new processes and efficiencies

More effective use of time and budget illustration

More effective use of time and budget

Reduced incidences of shadow IT illustration

Reduced incidences of shadow IT (unapproved softwares)

Image quote from Popsugar’s director of IT

Save time with responsive support

Customers reported Google Workspace support to be more responsive than their previous cloud solution, particularly regarding resolving requests and minimizing ticket resolution times.

The previous provider resolved 3 of 10 issues satisfactorily and often took 12-14 hours to do so against an 8-hour SLA. Google is closer to 9 of 10 and always within the 8-hour window.

- Head of network and system department, HindujaTech

8-hour bar graph comparison with previous provide versus Google

Google Workspace helps to create an environment where people can discover, think, and reason together to achieve shared goals. Teams can truly work as teams, whether they’re in the same conference room or thousands of miles apart.

The results speak for themselves.

Click here to download the full report.

Source: "The Total Economic Impact" (TEI) of Google Workspace," a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Google, February 2016.

*The study comprised of seven companies in North America, EMEA and APAC in a range of industries- including professional services, retail, real estate, IT and media- who migrated from an alternate cloud solution to Google Workspace.

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An analysis of cloud to cloud migration value

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