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Generative AI for writing

With Gemini for Google Workspace, you can harness the power of generative AI to create high-quality content quickly and effortlessly.

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To get Gemini for Google Workspace, you need an existing Workspace plan.

Gemini writes a business proposal with prompt, shown with a man at computer

How are AI text generators being used?

AI text generators leverage large language models to help people create content faster. Gemini for Google Workspace is your AI-powered assistant that can help you research, write, and polish content.

Even the most talented writers sometimes have a difficult time coming up with ideas on-demand. Generative AI can help you push past the blank page by providing you with a springboard to build on. Whether you need help composing an email reply, get options for headlines, or target a specific audience segment with messaging for an ad campaign, generative AI can help you quickly deliver a first draft. By entering clear, concise prompts, Gemini for Workspace can help you create content for a variety of purposes.

Let Gemini for Workspace be your assistant: AI writing tools use cases

Generate long-form content

Long-form content has the power to inform, entertain, and educate. But sometimes it can be difficult to organize your thoughts into a well-structured article that captures your audience’s attention and expresses ideas clearly. When deadlines loom and you have various tasks competing for your attention, AI writing tools can help you get a first draft completed, eliminating some of the hurdles that stand between you and creating long-form content.

For writers who like to take more of a hands-on approach, creating a piece of content from start to finish, you can use Gemini for Workspace to generate an outline for you to follow. You can use this outline to guide your thoughts and create a piece of long-form content that flows well in terms of narrative and storytelling. Using Help me write in Google Docs can help you compose an entire article from scratch. Just enter a clear prompt or series of prompts detailing what you want a piece of content to discuss and the audience you intend to reach. With a first draft firmly in place, you can add your own creative touches to adjust the article and tailor it to your voice.

Edit existing text

When you need an extra set of eyes on your content before publishing, generative AI can make suggestions to improve your writing. As a writing coach and editor, Gemini for Workspace can help you save time on revisions, helping to correct spelling and grammatical errors.

Gemini in Docs can also help you rewrite your article. Simply use Help me write in Google Docs and choose an option such as summarize or shorten to help you deliver a more concise draft. When writing ad copy, Gemini in Docs can also help you come up with multiple versions of text you’ve already written, giving you more options to choose from.

Create article outlines

Outlines can help you better structure a piece of content, helping you organize your thoughts and deliver a clear, focused narrative without veering off-topic. AI writing tools can help create content outlines to help guide a long-form piece of content like an article or blog post. This can give you more time to focus on writing instead of thinking about how to structure a piece of content.

To begin creating an outline with an AI writing generator, start with a well-crafted prompt. Include detailed information about your topic, any subtopics your article should include, and relevant keywords.

Generate summaries

Having trouble finding relevant details in a long chain of email threads? Can’t attend a meeting but want to get up-to-speed on next steps for a critical project? Generative AI can also help you quickly and easily create summaries for a variety of documents, meetings, and more.

Use Gemini for Workspace to quickly summarize information, helping you get up to speed fast. With Gemini for Workspace, you can easily extract key points from Gmail, summarize meeting notes, and more.

Gemini in Docs can also help you create a summary for a long-form piece of content. This can be used in many ways, from creating an executive summary for a pitch or to create a meta description for content published online.

Generate Gmail responses

Achieve the elusive Inbox Zero status and get help responding to messages without struggling to find the right words. Gemini in Gmail can help you craft emails by building off of context in previous emails to create a response that continues to propel the conversation forward. You can use Gemini in Gmail to adjust your tone, giving your email a more formal or relaxed feel. Gemini in Gmail can also help you draft more concise emails, helping you whittle your word count to deliver a shorter, easier-to-read message.

Create business proposals

AI writing generators can also help you create business proposals and tailor your pitch to a prospect. Using Help me write, simply type in a prompt with details about your prospect and their industry. In seconds, Gemini in Docs can help you generate a proposal that outlines your services, offerings, and can even add a call invite to help you keep the conversation going. When the time comes to present to a prospect, Gemini in Slides can help you create an outline for a proposal deck that elaborates on your offerings. Gemini in Slides can also be used to generate speaker notes, helping you stay focused during your presentation.

Gemini creates copy from a prompt with ‘help me write’, shown with a man on phone

 Benefits of using an AI content writer

Save time

With only so many hours in a day, it can be daunting to keep pace with a flood of emails, meetings, and tasks to accomplish. Using generative AI to help assist with writing duties can help you save time spent on finding the right words for emails, long-form and short-form text, proposals and more.

Gemini for Workspace is designed to be your thought partner and help you save time. Use Gemini in Gmail to summarize long threads quickly and succinctly draft timely responses. You can also tap Gemini in Docs to help you write the first draft of an article or blog post, short-form ad copy, and more. Gemini for Workspace can also help you edit your work, to speed up your output.

Overcome creative barriers

Sometimes, you need a boost of inspiration. That’s where Gemini for Workspace comes in! Gemini for Workspace can be a creative partner that helps you overcome writer’s block. You can also use Gemini in Docs to refine your content, adjusting the tone and voice to be more formal or more playful, depending on your approach. Still stuck? Gemini can help you break through creative blocks by serving you with a list of ideas to spark your imagination and get those creative juices flowing again.

Enhance teamwork and collaboration

Whether you’re a team of one or a team of many spread across different time zones, Gemini for Workspace can help make the collaborative process more inclusive and seamless. During video conference calls with the entire team Gemini in Meet can automatically take notes during the meeting and share with participants afterwards.

AI prompts to help you write effectively

Generate inbound marketing campaigns

Suppose you are a digital marketing manager. You are helping to scale up your company’s blog by creating long-form articles. You are working on a piece of content about best practices for executives using a new solution. You open a new Google Doc and select Help me write. You type:

Create compelling copy for a long form blog post about best practices for executives using [solution]. Highlight key benefits and use cases.

Manage the recruiting process

Let’s imagine that you are a recruiter and you receive guidance for an urgent job opening for a content marketing manager with experience in B2B and B2C content creation, with a minimum of five years of experience, and a portfolio of writing examples. You open a new Google Doc and prompt Gemini in Docs with the following:

I am opening a new job position on the marketing team. Write a compelling role description for a content marketing manager. Highlight key responsibilities [insert] and requirements including B2B and B2C content creation, a minimum of five years experience, and a portfolio of writing examples.

Create and manage content and distribution

Suppose you are a brand manager who has a customer who has some exciting leadership changes underway. You need to create content to shape the brand narrative of the company as it enters its next era. You open a Google Doc to get started on a blog outline. You prompt Gemini in Docs by selecting Help me write. You type:

Create a blog outline announcing that [name] is joining [company] as [position]. [Share two or three details from their bio, such as their previous position and company, their involvement in professional organizations etc.]

Create social media posts

Presume that you are a content marketing manager and you’re focused on creating content that is optimized for social media channels. You need to gather ideas for different content targeted to distinct audiences. You open up a new Google Doc and prompt Gemini in Docs by selecting Help me write. You type:

Write three engaging social media posts about [product/service/topic] that would appeal to [target audience]. Keep each social media post to two sentences and include a call to action to visit [our website].

Frequently asked questions

  • If you already have Google Workspace contact your administrator to assign licenses to users in your organization.

  • Use built-in prompts like Help me write and Help me organize, adding your own context and details to help shape Gemini's output.

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  • Gemini for Workspace can help you craft a variety of content, including emails, business proposals, presentations, outlines, blog posts, and more.

  • Currently, Gemini for Workspace only supports prompts and delivers responses in English. Support for additional languages will be added in the future.

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